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January 25, 2006

Loop de Hawk

Img_3370 This is a good story. A few months ago I spoke at the Surfing Industry Manufacturers Association meeting in Cabo San Lucas. To my dismay, the speaker I followed was Tony Hawk.

After our speeches, I got to hang out with Tony and set up an Airport network for us, so I asked him to sign my PowerBook. (Incidentally, he did not ask me to sign his, but I digress...)

Anyway, fast forward a few months. He got married in early January, and he created a loop of his wedding pictures. These pictures are a FilmLoop exclusive. :-)

If you'd like so share this loop with Tony Hawk fans, please send people to:



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hi my name is cool and i really like u whoever u r meet me next week at the movies. toddles

Tony Hawk grew up in the San Diego (California) area and became a pro skateboarder as a teenager in the early 1980s. (He was at one time a member of the Santa Barbara-based Powell-Peralta skate team known as the Bones Brigade, which starred in one of the all-time great skate videos of the 1980s, The Search for Animal Chin.) Not only has Hawk been a phenomental skater, perfecting and inventing a number of skate tricks over the years, but he has been able to retain street cred while become a savvy businessman. Hawk is blessed with having a good head on his shoulders, and he has single-mindedly devoted himself to being the *best* skater he could be -- he has taken no short-cuts, he has put in the hours and hours and hours to perfecting his craft.

Having first seen Tony skate in the 1980s before the X Games and the mainstreaming of skateboarding, I am happy for the guy that he has had the staying power to get the BIGtime money that began to flow in the 1990s.

I knew Hawk had arrived when the "New Yorker" magazine profiled him several yrs ago.

Guy -- your blog is outstanding but p l e a s e ... no more FilmLoop plugs!


Hey Gk, that's a good looking laptop with Tony Hawk's autograph on it. How about I wash your car for it, or you can challenge me to a one on one basketball game. Don't worry Gk, I'll take a good care of it.

enough of the Filmloop promotions. how about a link without having to register again and again..Filmloop is intrusive. looks and works like a AOL app... no thanks.

Dan Kravman

Tony Hawk changed himself from a great skateboarder into a internationally known, quite wealthy, sports superstar. That's not enough for you to see how this is related to business? If that's not enough, maybe you should check the sales for the Tony Hawk videogames.

An entreprenuer could probably do pretty well by studying under Tony Hawk.

Guy, about 15 years ago you signed my Mac at the Tattered Cover in Denver.

You said, "there goes the resale value."

Guy, from what I've seen he seems smarter than the others, but I didn't know he'd be a good speaker. Interesting.

By the way, Dan, Tony Hawk is very famous stakeboarder.

Clear Nail Polish will preserve the signiture.

Who is this guy Tony and why should we care? He may be a surfing or golf celebrity or something. I read your blog to read insightful posts about business and startups and also about life (the first post you wrote about hindsights was extremely good).. not about obscure sports a very low percentage of people practice.

Guy, I understand that you're trying to promote FilmLoop (which is a great name), but I'm just wondering what I am supposed to do with FilmLoop? You know, I've used 4D, LetterRip, etc - but FilmLoop just makes no sense to me.

I can see a publisher's or advertiser's benefit, but why would I want to clutter my screen real estate with this enormously huge window (even after shrinking it as much as possible) that slowly scrolls a few pictures that I could grasp at once when displayed properly? - I don't get it...


Actually, he was. For one thing, he has tremendous credibility. And his was a fireside chat--which is the perfect format for a legend like him.



Scroll past. :-)


Could you use something more open and useful for points of interest like this? Maybe pigeon-post an 8-track cartridge to each of us? That would be about as useful as this FilmLoop thing.

Was he a good speaker? :P From what I've seen of him and know about him, he's more of a "what's up, dude" type guy.

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