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January 19, 2006


Can someone explain this to me? http://www.technorati.com/search/http://blog.guykawasaki.com?cc=fs7akxjn5h It looks like I have about 600 links, but Technorati also says I have no links, so I'm ranked above 1 million. Which is it? :-) Thanks! Guy


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Anyone who has a blog and is familiar with Technorati is probably very aware of their blog's ranking on the popular blog search engine. If you're not careful,... [Read More]

» Technorati Link Optimization: Getting What You Deserve from Technology Evangelist
Anyone who has a blog and is familiar with Technorati is probably very aware of their blog's ranking on the popular blog search engine. If you're not careful,... [Read More]


AND IT's STILL BROKEN. Link to me and I'll link to you. Let's see if it budges link count and authority. I have a topple technorati category in my sidebar. Thanks!

I would like to read more information about stated above.At us such in the country is not present.

TEchnorati is both blind and crosseyed. It counts my blog three times and no longer notices my updates, especially after my typepad domain mapping drama that i detailed yesterday link.
my relationship with technorati has cooled.

Niall, appreciate your comments very much. I fully understand what you say about the cumputational needs etc. and appreciate your efforts.

I just wanted to express, that when you offer a service which is based on search and stats, the results should be correct. Please take this as positive feedback and not critique.

If you display a searchresult with a heading of "2 Sites Linked to ..." and below that heading you immediately show 6 Posts in the last XX days and all posts have unique domains, that looks like an oversight to me and not a pure computational or resource problem.
Your app could possibly be a little more clever and fix bogus results on the fly if it realizes NN posts with unique domains in the last X days, it could possibly fix the N Sites link to numbers... No?

Again, i appreciate your efforts. Keep on crunching those numbers!

Wow, Technorati must be doing something right in order to generate so much frustration. If the service was worthless it would simply be ignored. Does that make Technorati the least lousy blog search site on the web?

Yes, Technorati has had some issues counting links in the past. If you take 26 million blogs and all the posts within, multiple by the average number of links per post, you begin to understand the computations associated with counting every link for every blog in near real-time.

We've made a lot of progress speeding up the process and checking for accuracy in reporting. Unlike larger general search engines like Google or Yahoo! that provide an estimation of search counts, Technorati presents every link in the system to its users and delivers an exact number based on the data we track in our system. Google lets you know there are 3.46 million results for "Guy Kawasaki," a nice round number, but you can only view the last 992 results. When you track inbound links religiously by time, it's a bigger search issue to solve for millions of interested bloggers.

I want the link counts for my own blog to be faster and more accurate as well, since I follow conversations about my writing and podcasts every day and feedback from others encourages me to continue blogging or podcasting. Technorati is a company founded on the idea that bloggers should be better able to track what people are saying about them and how that changes over time and link counts have been an integral part of the site since we launched in November 2002. We will continue to revise this service and make it speedy and up-to-date for the bloggers we track as well as our media partners.

Niall Kennedy
Community Manager

Well, for me technorati just seems terribly broken. My numbers are by far not as impressive but nonetheless similarily broken.
Technorati shows 6 posts from different sites which link to me but at the same time displays that only 2 Sites link to me.
Go figure.
And btw. this has been like that for months, so it is definitively not about a scheduled calculation as explained by Niall above. Its just broken.

Technorati is horribly unreliable.

I will do a blog post and ping them....Technorati will say that I last updated "33 minutes ago" or whatever. I go back five minutes later and it states I updated 54 days ago..

My new Technorati tag cloud only encompasses a few posts from late 2005 rather than current tags.

Speaking of tags, I will post with Technorati tags...click on my tags in my post after I pinged...and there are no results.

They don't have all the links that link to my blog...and rank is a very subjective thing with them.

if you could combine the realiability of Google's Blog search with the Technorati tools, you'd have a great application....BUT Technorati is the best we've got...for now...until someone knocks them off.

Chris Houchens - http://shotgunconcepts.blogspot.com

Wow! That's what I call being linked. CYM, my blog, doesn't have that kind of links! I'm very encouraged by your success! in less than 2 months you had already conquest the blog world!

Congratulations Guy!


can I start logging my trouble tickets with you? The breadth of your technical support resources are amazing. Apple better take the extended warranty out of its forecast on your next ipod. What is your SLA 15 minutes?


I am not usually one of conspiricy theories. I had a look around 6 hours ago and as per your original post of around 600, it was 635 when I looked and now you are at 1119. That is some serious link loving you have been given in the past 6 hours. I think Technorati is great if you are listed as an 'A-Lister' if not in you have a very scattered set of information no matter how many times you ping their server.

Even if as Niall points out, if the figures are updated weekly or so these stats are still a little way off from being reliable IMHO.

Why are you so obsessed with stats on readership?

Looks to me like Technorati thinks there are 1119 sites linking to your site. Some of those 1119 sites have more than one link to your site. So, total link count; 2033. All of which makes you rank 494 by Technorati's stats.

You need to increase your inbound links. Get more people to put a link on their web site to your's.


Well they need some update times before your blog are viewable on their system. It can take a while or instantly, depends on the site's load.

That's drawing from my personal experience...

Technorati periodically calculates blog statistics including unique blog citations and a blogger's rank. We usually recalculate our over 25 million blogs once a week.

I just ran our link counter for your blog, and your displayed statistics are now current.

Thanks for noticing and thanks for claiming your blog!

Niall Kennedy
Community Manager

Technorati seems not reliable at all. Most of the times I search for a URL and get a "We couldn't complete your search because we're experiencing a high volume of requests right now. Please try again in a minute or two. We're working hard to make our search results better. Thanks for your patience."

Unacceptable if they want to be *the* reference in blog search, ranking.

I ignore Technorati results most of the time. Specially when I try looking for something and the resulting page is "We couldn't complete your search because we're experiencing a high volume of requests right now. Please try again in a minute or two. We're working hard to make our search results better. Thanks for your patience." It happens every day, multiple times.

Just not reliable enough to be a reference...

I have found that technorati's stats are not accurate at all, so I just ignore them. Then again, no one's stats are really accurate. There are huge discrepencies between various services.

More of an art than a technology at this stage.

Check out the comments on this post from back in May. I'm guessing Technorati has some ongoing problem with its process for updating ranks, although it is updating links and link counts correctly.


I would guess that technorati 's link counter doesn't get updated frequently and you're seeing some sampling error between the real number of links and your rank.

On the upside, the links matter more than the rank so you have the better of the two. Keep up the good blogging and eventually all the feed search engines will catch up to you.

i don't have the answer, but i'm certainly interested in seeing what it is. i think it's cool when someone at your level in this world can just openly ask a question (admitting that there's something you don't know) - it's all too rare today.

i, for one, am glad you're blogging. great stuff.

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