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February 23, 2006

MP3: The Art of Raising Capital

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Here's another MP3 recording. It is my reading of Chapter 7: The Art of Raising Capital from The Art of the Start. It covers some of the same material as my blog entries, but sometimes hearing is believing.

Download raising.mp3


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Please consider providing a transcript for your podcasts - by not doing so, you discriminate against those who cannot hear. (Unlike those who cannot see, who can have web pages read as synthesised speech, technology is not yet able to transcribe automagically).

Thanks for the MP3. I have a long commute - podcasts and MP3s definitely help it to be productive time rather than just drive time.

Guy, may be, it´s not the right post. During your interview with Technation you´ve said:
"If you are lucky you can hire smart people and if you are smart you can hire lucky people!"
You hit the nail on the head.


Yes, it's me. Pidgin accent and all!



I already read that in the book ... hearing gave it a very different touch. It will help me a lot within our project WiktionaryZ and all its connected activities - a non profit project - one of those thought to make the world a better place.

Thank you!


Hey guy, is this you reading? I've never heard your voice before

If it makes you feel better, I don't read while I drive :). Heck, I don't even like to talk on my phone while I drive. And I don't own a Blackberry so I never check email when I drive.

I enjoy reading and I can read faster than I can generally listen to someone read something to me (I hate lecturers who give you their whole presentation -- though it does give me a chance to nap after I read it). I like this blog and I like Slate and so I get a little annoyed when they say "Check out this great content" but won't let me read it.

My other thing is, and I have this thing with TV news as well, is that when I read something, I can control the mental filtering and my BS-detector, plus it's easier for me to do any associated research I need in order to fully appreciate the content.

Maybe this just means I'm slow :)

That was a good listen. It is a lot of common sense. I use to think that it took a great idea that truly helped people. After listening to that I can see it still takes that plus a lot more.

You need a show on Sirius. If just 1% of the people in China listened, you'd be bigger than Howard Stern.

1. Content is easier to be listen to while doing smth. else.
2. Audio has the feeling of a more real interaction w/ the audience.
3. It'a a good way to sell more books if the content is cool.

Hey, Guy, you've changed your blog title.

I like podcasts. Podcasts have completely eliminated any interest in commercial radio.

I like blogs too. Blogs and RSS feeds from Associated Press, Reuters, and a few others eliminate my use for commercial newspapers save in my rabbit's hutch.

Between the two I've gone a long way toward eliminating the influence of editors and advertisers in my life. We pulled the plug on our TV about six years ago. Definitely one of the best things we've ever done.

Audio in Blogs is something different. It was interesting to hear Guy Kawasaki read chapter 3. I'll probably give this one a go.


He Steve, remind me not to drive next to you on the freeway.

Is it really a big deal? You can always go out there and buy the book. In fact, I highly recommend it . . . worth the money.

Arrrrgggghhhhhhhhh!!!! First Slate, and now you. Is there anyone out there besides me that doesn't enjoy being read to and hates it when content is moved from something you can read to something you have to listen to?

I guess I'm not a member of the podcast revolution :(

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