The Name Game

I found a very interesting blog about naming: This led me to the most interesting article I've read about finding domain names called The Search for a Domain Name: I strongly suggest you check these two blogs out if you're interested in the topic of naming. Technorati Tags: branding, marketing, positioning

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Call for Topics

Please send ideas for topics and questions that you'd like me to cover here. I need to know what you want to know. I can't say I'm qualified to do them all, but like my mother used to say, “You don't get if you don't ask.” I could also use about 5,000 links in my [...]

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The Art of Driving Your Competition Crazy

“The purpose of competition is not to beat someone down, but to bring out the best in every player.” Walter Wheeler One of the signs of boom--or at least a boomlet--is that companies start wanting to drive their competition crazy. This occurs when “survival” is no longer an issue and optimization or maximization can become [...]

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SF Chronicle Podcasts: Apple Turns 30

Check out interviews with Steve Wozniak, Andy Hertzfeld, John Sculley, Steve Capps, Mike Boich, and me: To give credit, where credit is due, I saw this here: Technorati Tags: Apple, Macintosh

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Nine Questions to Ask a Startup

Most of the information that you can find about recruiting is for the employer, not the employee. (I'm as guilty as this as anyone: for example, The Art of Recruiting, I and II.) Let's turn the tables, switch modes, and balance the scales by discussing what a hot candidate should ask a private, venture-backed startup [...]

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Technorati 100

I made the Technorati 100 today. Thanks, everyone, for your linking, comments, and evangelism! I only need 5,000 more sites to link to be in the top ten! (This is a picture of David Sifry, Technorati's CEO, giving me a tshirt to commemorate breaking into the top 100.) Guy

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Ten Questions “With” Jackie Onassis

I recently read a book called What Would Jackie Do?--An Inspired Guide to Distinctive Living. The co-authors are Shelly Branch of the Wall Street Journal and Sue Callaway, the former vice president and general manager of Jaguar Cars U.S. The book explains what Jackie Onassis “would do” in various situations. I enjoyed the book because [...]

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The Art of Recruiting, Part II

I received an email from Craig James that contained superb insights into the art of recruiting. With Craig's permission, I provide it below. As the chief technology officer of eMolecules, Craig is responsible for the design and development of the chemistry search engine. Craig worked with chemistry, chemists and chemical databases his entire career, [...]

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The Art of Sucking Down

A friend who worked at O'Hare International Airport told me this story. He once watched a passenger absolutely scream at an airline ticket agent. The ticket agent, however, remained completely calm. After the tirade was over, my friend asked her how she could remain so calm, and she said, “That's easy. He's going to Paris, [...]

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French Version of The Art of the Start

The French version of The Art of the Start is now available from Diateino: The translator is Marylène Delbourg-Delphis, someone who I've known for twenty years. She is the only person in the world who could faithfully translate my book because she knows me well and is bi-lingual--a niche sector indeed! Jean-Louis Gassée, general [...]

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Thirty Two free copies of The Art of the Start

On Friday, March 17th, Ryan over at (a fun site that gives away business-related prizes every day), is giving away thirty two copies of The Art of the Start. All you have to do is create an account, click on “I Want One,” answer two silly questions, and you are entered into the random [...]

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What’s Your EQ (entrepreneurial quotient)?

Here's a quiz to determine your “entrepreneurial quotient.” My intent is to test a person's knowledge of entrepreneurship. However, scoring high doesn't mean you're the next Steve Jobs, and scoring low doesn't mean you're not. Some answers are debatable, so there will be many comments. #10, in particular, is tricky so read it very carefully. [...]

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How To Be a Great Moderator

How many times have you watched a panel and thought that it was entertaining and informative? Your answer is probably a small number. Moderating a panel is deceptively hard--harder, in fact, than keynoting because the quality of the panelists is usually beyond your control. Here's how to be a great moderator. Don't over-prepare the panelists. [...]

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What’s Next? Boomer Business Summit

Many people have asked about seeing me speak in person. Most of the time, I speak at private events that the general public cannot attend. However, if you will be in the Los Angeles area in the middle of March, please check out this open-to-the-public (but not free) conference: The What’s Next? Boomer Business Summit [...]

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The Art of Raising Angel Capital

Make no mistake about it: There is an art to raising angel capital. Raising angel capital is not harder or easier than raising institutional venture capital—it’s simply different. Here’s how to do it. Make sure they are “accredited” investors. “Accredited” is legalese for “rich enough to never get back a penny.” Just read what the [...]

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GBAT Online Tool

Check this out: Now you can take the GBAT online. Thanks, Michael Lehmkuhl and Electric Pulp. There is also a German version at: Thanks, Stefan Voigt. Can online study courses be far behind? :-) Whether you guys did this on purpose or not, this is a VERY clever way to get me to [...]

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