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March 17, 2006

Thirty Two free copies of The Art of the Start

On Friday, March 17th, Ryan over at
www.inBubbleWrap.com (a fun site that gives away business-related prizes every day), is giving away thirty two copies of The Art of the Start.

All you have to do is create an account, click on “I Want One,” answer two silly questions, and you are entered into the random drawing.


- Over 18 years old
- Valid U.S. address (excluding AK, AR, and HI)

(Don't ask me why these rules are necessary.)

This offer will run from 7:00 am Friday to 7:00 am Saturday, Pacific Standard Time. Winners will literally receive Art wrapped in bubble wrap.

Have fun!


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Even missed out on the extension LOL...however, I have my copy...it's getting marked up, dogged earred and used quite heavily.

Too late, I bought my copy from Amazon last week and received it on Friday. Excellent book!


Arkansas has Wal-Mart. They don't need no more start ups.

(grin, duck, run)

Khurram, check out

or, specifically:

The book is available in India, hardbound, for Rs. 495 which is a steal. It's in Bangalore, but they'll probably ship it to anywhere in India.

In India, the highest selling author ever has sold 3 million copies. And that's a gazillion cookbooks. (Tarla Dalal) The biggest single bestseller perhaps is "The God of Small Things", at a million copies. Remember, 5000 copies and they call a book a bestseller here. No one has ever gotten 1% of the market, and it's kinda counterproductive to try from that end.

What one needs, perhaps, is more entrepreneurs who read English books :) Very tiny little figure at the moment.

OK InBubbleGuy,
It was the first 32 that received the free book. I speak for myself, but I think you should pay out on this and then have another game and extend it, and award more prizes. I want some more free gifts on the next game. That's what I think you should do.

To all of Guy's readers, thank you for signing up for the offer on inBubbleWrap. There are many of you still signing up, so I'm extending it over the weekend. It will now expire Monday at 7:00 am Pacific time.

WOW, this is awesome! Free books, I am definitely not complaining about this give away.

GK, are these books signed by you?

oh yeah, thanks for the inside jokes Patrick and Dave.

For all you non-U.S. residents, I apologize for you exclusion from our giveaways. It's just so tough to get around the different rules each country has regarding sweepstakes. And yes, Dana, I am pissed about losing to you in baseball too. That's just wrong.


Ya, we should have had that gold medal if we wouldn't have sent the old boys to play. We sent the young ones to play baseball... and look what happened! :)

And I already bought your book. After Robert Scoble let me read his copy when I was staying there while visiting Microsoft (http://silverstr.ufies.org/blog/archives/000760.html), I ended up picking up a copy for my bookshelf.

Problem is.. that sucker never sits on the shelf... seems its always being lent out to some new startup CEO I am mentoring around here.


We're pissed off because you beat us in baseball.

And you didn't win the gold medal in hockey.

So you have to pay for my book.



Help help, we're being repressed!

Just because I'm Canadian I can never get in on these deals.

Aren't we the 52nd state or something by now?


You can help me a lot by making sure I get one of those books. I entered and answered the two questions. Please pull my name as I really want to read this book but I have no money.

Thank you for your support!
I...I'm wearing green, and I... do enjoy a cold one!

Oh and I forgot to mention, in India you have a potential market for 1 billion books.

All you have to do is get 1% of the market ;)

It should be the other way round, its so cheap to buy the book in the US. We non-US residents don't even find it in our bookstores.

The biggest bookstore in town just returned a call regarding my inquiry saying that The Art.. will not be available in the forseeable future.

Guy, seriously, get your publishers to market the book in India. Startup books sell like hot cakes here!

Bummer, how geocentric of them... I guess the rest of the world only gets second class enterpreneurs.

it would appear that in bubblewrap is ceo-read.com who are running an opt=in book mailer.

I can see the reason for U.S. only to save on postage.

The Alaska and Hawaii are a little confusing.

But the shocker is why he doesn't want to help start-ups in Arkansas?

I already have a copy of your book, heh. Interesting though.

Funny enough, I have read your blog's posts a few times from different links. So when inBubbleWrap mentioned this offer today, I immediately sent the comment to them about your blog and how great it is. Then....

I came here to see you already blogged them. ;-)
Is that what they call synergy?

Andrew - no spam. It really is just a great webgem.

(Ryan hope you like the inside joke.)

I'm a little over half way through this book. If you win it, cool. If not, buy it! More importantly, do what it suggests.

Hey, that's US only! Not fair -- I want the book too! :(

So, if I do this, will I get spammed like I did when I took your Tickle Test?

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