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April 09, 2006

Running Looplets in Blogs

FilmLoop creates “looplets.” The primary purpose of these looplets was to show a sample of the loop in order to encourage people to install the loop. However, looplets now have gained significantly more functionality.

In essence, they are now an end unto themselves. This means that you can use looplets on web pages and in blogs to display a collection of up to thirty pictures. Your viewers will not have to download the FilmLoop client nor register--all they do is watch the pictures. FilmLoop, as such, is now a tool for bloggers and web site designers as well as a photosharing and photocasting tool.

Here is a sample of pictures that I took at the Frozen Four (the championship of collegiate hockey) this past week. (Incidentally, my family and I had a GREAT time at the Frozen Four. Our hosts, eInnovate, set the new record for taking care of me on a trip. Our trip included two private rink times plus playing hockey with Mark Johnson from the 1980 “Miracle” team. He is currently the coach of the Wisconsin women's team that won the national championship this year.)

Here's how I created this looplet from my loop:

  1. Put the cursor on a picture in the loop, a yellow frame will appear with the word Actions and a down arrow. Click on the arrow menu will appear. Select “Web/Blog/IM link...”
  2. Site/Host Destination: “Generic Site- HTML and JavaScript compatible”
  3. Loop link style: “Flash Looplet”
  4. Looplet Height: 125
  5. Looplet Width: 500
  6. Looplet Speed: 2
  7. Copy the code into a blog posting.

As you can see, I can control the dimensions of the looplet as well as the speed at which the images move.

I'd love to see how you use looplets on your sites and in your blogs. If you send me the location, I will link to it and add them to the “Bloop Roll” in my siderail. Take a look at the first one in the roll by Chuckk Gerwig:



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In essence,they are now an end unto themselves. This means that you can use looplets on web pages and in blogs to display a collection of many pictures which you want to display.


heylo guys yeah here are some changes that ive gone through not only me but people to lol.

i would like to thank the fallowing people for helping me out with these changes
Caitlin Furgason
Kayla Finney
Trent B.
Kelsey Collis
my parents
and some others i just cant think of them right now sry lol.

Great tip, thanks !
It is now included in www.photofloue.net, a blog on photoblogging (and photography).

It was not easy to include in the Wordpress blog, until I realized the code conflicted with the Mce default editor used by wordpress for posting. Once I unplugged mce, it worked fine.

All the best

Luon hy vong khong bao gio that vong...!

Thanks to your post I discovered how simple it is to set up a loop !

i've just tried it at the following : http://www.paulantoine.info/blog/archives/8-Bent-et-trets.html


I just noticed that blockbuster is using something FilmLoop-ish on their site. Too bad their photos don't display a short moving filmclip when you mouse over them. That would be enticing.


very neat that you don't have to d/l the player just to view the pictures.

I've been reluctant to install the player, but your recent Casa Santo Domingo loop made me want to see some of the pictures in a larger format.

I don't think I'll keep the player installed, however.


We love Film Loop.

We have incorporated it into our blog sidebar as a permanent fixture.

It serves as a visual archive of our posts. We set the photos to directly link to the individual blog posts. Rolling over a photo reveals the title of the post and with one click you're there. Great tool!

PS we also incorporated ODEO's "Leave Me a Voice Message" on the side bar as well and find it amusing to listen to the messages.

Greg, you idea of creating tag-based Loops is certainly interesting! Regarding your Movie interest, there is a Loop developed and maintained weekly by Movieweb.com. Click on the following link to get it:
Creating a Loop out of video keyframes or IBPs is indeed an other great idea!

KU - (FilmLoop Product Team)

For Mac Users:

Here's the rub. I forgot that I have a pre-release version of FilmLoop that isn't out yet. My version can do this, but yours can't. Having said that, you are about to updated very shortly.

Don't get paranoid on me. This is not my way of forcing you to buy a MacBook with dual boot capabilities!


Just for clarification for Melissa's question. Is the saving to web/blog feature PC ONLY right now?

Clever. I like it that you no longer have to download the program to viewi t.

I think I may use it with my customer service blog. It's much easier than trying to mess with Flash for an hour - that's for sure. :)


Now I understand what "push pictures to people" mean. I don't have to click anything. The idea is pretty clever.

However there's no "tags". It would be nice to see FilmLoops created by tags. That's obvious and FilmLoop is probably working on this. Posting this just in case.

Just one more thing, I am cinema freak I would like to see FilmLoops of current box-office movies. Or even better, to see FilmLoops on IMDb, a kind of trailer for the web.

Sorry for posting so long comment (size of comment box suggests ten words comments :-). But is it possible to drag a movie to FilmLoop? For the guys who know what IBP frames are, it should be very easy to create a slide-show of a movie. Heaving that feature FilmLoop add-on might be a natural choice for very hot now video web sites.

I honestly wasn't sure what to make of FilmLoop earlier, but seeing the active demo on this entry of yours, Guy, has me utterly convinced.

I gave it a spin and posted my own kind of FilmLoop here:


I'm grinning ear to ear! :D


I find the comments questioning your integrity at promoting a product you have some financial interest in to be very interesting. I realize that in this day and age of endless marketing and promotion, some get wary of those that hard sell their wares. But from my perspective, you are doing exactly what you should on your own blog: talking about things that interest and excite you, or that you just think some readers might find cool. Obviously some readers don't and they wrote you about it. You are not hiding anything with your sidebar disclosures. If you have invested in some new ventures, you think they have value and are worth promoting. I say keep on keeping on. I know you operate with integrity.

This is cool. Nice addition, Guy.

Thanks for the effort you put into the things you work on Guy. You've been changing the world for a long time now. The part of the world that I live in is a better place because of Guy Kawasaki.

Still not all that crazy about FilmLoop but it is getting some pretty cool tricks.



Windows on Mac is here! Download "Boot Camp" from Apple's website, and you can enjoy the best of both world. The impossible has happened, Apple is willing to accept Microsoft.

Guy, you're not behaving unethically when you promote your Loop thing. I'm sure you know that.

But...I come to your site for pithy, readable business/web/marketing advice. Not for loop video gizmos to run in my own blog. They're irrelevant to my needs as a user of your site.

Which I love :0)


I agree 100%.

Guy, this sounds like a great feature - but you neglected to mention that it's apparently a PC-only feature at this point, unless I'm missing something. On my Mac installation of FilmLoop, I have a "Web/Blog link..." action that's apparently never enabled.

The joys of beta software, I guess!


I should say I think the looplet idea is fantastic. I have been weary of the tax you had to pay as a viewer to view a loop. But, now with this tool people can share images without imposing any trouble on their readers. I found out about this feature before you posted about it:). Check it out on my blog.

Guy, thank you for including my blog in your Blog. Thanks also for the many emails and great encouragement you've given me personally. I love it that you believe in the things you work on and go the extra mile to help them move forward. Thanks again for the personal attention and good will.

Chuckk Gerwig
Sacred Digital


Cool stuff here. I am also glad to see you promoting a company you have interest in. If I owned the company I would want you telling people about it as well. I like that you get involved with companies you would buy the produt as well. It just shows your passionate about the product.


Probably not, but you should check out Evoca.com to see how to place voice recordings.


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