For the past few weeks I’ve been using a widget to enable readers to rank my postings. The company that created it, MajikWidgets, is now open for business. So far, there are three widgets: Ranking Polling Opening a new page from a link An example of a ranking is at the end of this posting. [...]

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Book Preview: iWoz

Gina Smith, the co-author of the upcoming autobiography called iWoz, provided me with a copy so that I could read it and provide a blurb. The book is slated for shipping in November, 2006, but there’s nothing wrong with a little pre-release publicity. After all, it will probably be out BV (Before Vista), and everyone [...]

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Another font story

Here is the story of Lucerna, designed to make the Bible printable on fewer pages for Tyndale House Publishers. Then check out this interesting blog about design by the creator of Lucerna. It contains the best definition of design that I’ve ever seen: Design consists of creating things for clients who may not know what [...]

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The Top Sixteen Lies of CEOs

At the suggestion of, and with the help of, Glenn Kelman, here are more lies. These are the lies of CEOs running a companies that are beyond the startup phase. Startup phase lies you’ve read here before. “Working together, we’ve established our goals.” In other words, these are the goals that the CEO decided will [...]

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There Must Be a Better Way

It’s been a challenging week for me. The easy part was “outing” myself. That hard part was...I’ll come to that soon, see item #3. I’ll have a more contentive (content + substantive) post in the next few days. Not sure what to make of this. Not trying to show off. But this is an interesting [...]

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After the Honeymoon

Much of my blog, and other information for entrepreneurs, focuses on creating new products, raising money, and building a successful startup. The advice stops there, and everyone lives happily ever after. Guess again. Here’s some information about what happens after the honeymoon is over when the shiitake hits the fan. There are three parts to [...]

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“Why It’s Better Not Being CEO” by Scott McNealy

As reported in the San Jose Mercury News. You’ve got to love Scott McNealy’s sense of humor. He’s a very good hockey player, by the way. 10. “I don’t have to apologize for stuff I say to Wall Street.” 9.  “I’m no longer on the most overpaid CEO list.” 8.  “I just say, ‘See Jonathan on that.’” 7.  “I [...]

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Venture Capital Panel MP3

This is an MP3 recording from the venture capital panel at a Garage event called The Art of the Start. In this panel, five prominent venture capitalists from Silicon Valley firms discuss entrepreneurship, fund raising, and market sectors. The panel occurred in 2005 (that is, after the dotcom implosion), so the information is still highly [...]

How We Got DEMOgod by Nathan MacNeill

Nathan MacNeill, the co-founder of a company called Network Streaming (recently renamed Bomgar), documented the lessons that he learned from winning the DEMOgod award at DEMO 2006. I am publishing what he wrote for three reasons: To supplement “How to Be a Demo God.” To help the entrepreneurs preparing for Red Herring Spring 2006 (especially [...]

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The Top Ten Lies of Corporate Partners

In a manner of speaking, I’m running out of lies to tell. So far I’ve taken care of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, engineers, and marketers. The target of this posting is “corporate partners.” (You might find a previous posting, “The Art of Partnering” interesting.) These are the large, infinitely rich, and high brand-recognition companies that supposedly [...]

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Reality Check: Vyew

If most venture capitalists weren’t liars, we’d tell you that if we had the opportunity to fund Google, we would have passed. Seriously, who would have thought the world needed another search engine in 1995? Fast forward to 2006. Does the world need another web conferencing product? Maybe. Check out Vyew. Vyew is a free [...]

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Two Gems

Two little gems rolled across my desktop today: First, a blog about gift giving. Perhaps a little late for Mother's Day, but Father's Day is coming. Check out "The Art of Gift Giving" by Carolyn Goodwin. This is a great guide to getting more analog in a world that's too digital. I loved this little [...]

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Ten Questions with Bob Sutton

In the spirit of anti-bozosity that Pam Slim’s posting recently established, here is an interview with Bob Sutton. Bob is a professor of management science and engineering at the Stanford School of Engineering. His latest book, co-authored with Jeffrey Pfeffer, is called Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths, and Total Nonsense: Profiting From Evidence-Based Management. It’s a [...]

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Check out this web site of world maps that are cartograms (density-equalising maps). The one on the right depicts the level of toy imports. There are ninety-two different maps covering population, imports, exports, tourism--you name it. Thanks to Jon G for bringing this to my attention. Seeing these maps definitely alters how one looks at [...]

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An Open Letter to CXOs

Just read this blog entry by Pam Slim. Pam was a consultant to management (as opposed to a management consultant). In this piece, she lets it rip about what she thinks management does wrong. Very entertaining. You’ll love her spirit. It starts off like this: I am writing to you as a newly minted rebel. [...]

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Art of the Start Online Video

A few weeks ago I provided a site where you can see my Art of Innovation speech. My buddy, Mike Johnston, just showed me that my Art of the Start speech is online here. The Art of Innovation is a speech for any stage of company that is trying to create and marketing innovative products [...]