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May 03, 2006

A few changes

I've been tweaking my blog for the past few days. Just wanted to let you know:

  • Check the siderail under my picture. My buddy Mike Johnston wrote a script that displays my Technorati rank plus the number of links I need to get into the top ten. I've found out that caring so blatantly about my ranking really polarizes people (here's a great example), so I thought I'd take "blatantly caring" to a whole new level. :-) I don't know how Mike wrote the script: Will the number will turn negative once/if I reach the top ten? I'd like to find out soon. :-)
  • I've started to respond to comments inside the comments. I've found that it's too hard to track a thread, so I'm responding in this new manner. While I'm in there, I'll fix typos too. But I'll never do more than fix typos in the original comment.
  • Since I couldn't find a good solution for automated table of contents generation, I added categories. With categories plus the cloud plus the search box plus the archives, I hope you can find old stuff.

Thanks for your support!

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Commenting within the comments... wish I'd a thunka that one.

I may just try that. Thanks Guy.

Guy, once you make it to Technorati top 10 - you will find out that the top blogger is Chinese, and Technorati don't pick up the Chinese blog traffic nearly as good as the US. Any way what is Technorati Top 10? Since when did populartiy equal quality?

Oh, 2 more things. I finally got around to subscribing to your RSS feed, and purchased "Art of the Start".

Hi Guy,

I liked the other photo of you better. It was a much cooler pic. Also, the red bricks looked nice against the color scheme of your blog. Just my 2 cents. BTW, nice response to Jeremy about reciprical linking:-)

The ultimate joy of blogging is when other blogs forget that any sort of publishing at some level has an element of "look at me! I'm cool!"

It thrills me that you're both upfront about it and vaguely tongue in cheek. And the only people I usually hear whining about others interest in technorati rankings and the like are the ones who are insecure about their own ranking.

Let the ranking soar!

Just a quick note for everyone fed up with the so called "non-sense". You have noticed the tag line of Guy's blog right:

Someone with nothing to say writing for someone with nothing to do.

{body-check} Get a life!

Guy, I don't know why, but I was wondering for about 5 minutes whether or not I cared that you were doing the Technorati thing.

Conclusion: I don't give a rats ass. Keep posting good stuff and I'll keep reading. Once and a while I'll link to something I consider especially worthy.

End of story.

BTW, I'm the guy you gave a moment's help to regarding this business idea:

Hey Guy,

Why don't you offer a refund to all those concerned Readers.. Hehehe

Some people take themselves so seriously, they have no time for a sense of humor.
Poor suckers - give themselves such a tough and empty life

Keep up the excellent work Guy. You got the Best web content (Blog and otherwise) I have ever read.

How about installing a Whin-O-Meter below your Link-Countdown-Meter
Would be interesting to study how each develops and the ratios between them

Read you at your next post.


I am intrigued. What's a Whine-O-Meter? Google doesn't return such great results for that search.

I would offer refunds by I don't capture people's addresses, so I wouldn't know where to mail the checks. :-)



I completely agree with everything "Concerned Reader" says. The only thing hearing you talk about how much you want to be in the Technorati top 10 makes me want to do is give you an anti-vote if that were possible. Please stop.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I can (and will for free) create your automatic table of contents..in typepad...just email me if you would like some help.

Losing all respect...

I feel like I've sort of known you for a long time since I was aware of the excellent work you did for Apple in the early days and have kind of heard about you here and there ever since. And so it was a natural for me to add your blog to the folder of blogs I pull up and skim in Safari most evenings. But I have to say that I am really losing patience with this technorati crap. Honestly you are coming across like some kind of vain and insecure teenager. You are missing the entire point - if the blog is good and folks link to it, you will get a good ranking. Asking people to elect you as popular kind of defeats the whole purpose. Further, I really don't care where you rank - I tune in to read what used to be an interesting blog about start ups and business strategy, with the occasional personal anecdote thrown in. But lately I am being greeted by increasingly self-referential nonsense about your blog, its popularity, its redesign, your experience as a blogger. Give it a rest. I am beginning to suspect that you are running out of pre-existing speech materials and are now hitting a wall in terms of topics. So take a day off. A day without a post is better than drivel. Many people like me read your blog using a reader that pulls up a bunch of posts from a bunch of different blogs all at once so a goofy post is far worse than none at all. To us it is not like we would go to your site and be disappointed to find no post - it is quite the opposite - we are annoyed to have a goofy post thrust into an aggregation of good posts from other blogs we enjoy. Take a deep breath, grow up, let this nonsense go, and get back to basics, which is blogging about stuff, not blogging about blogging. Thanks.

It's not the end of the world, but each time you change the title of your blog, my email-based RSS aggregator creates a new folder for your blog with the new name (and my IMAP client doesn't automatically subscribe to new folders). This leads me to think that you've stopped posting for a while until I remember to check for new folders.

I've had this experience with other RSS aggregators, so I thought I'd mention it.

Thanks for the great writing!

Looks like a new picture in the top right too (?)

P.S. Make that Technorati countdown button clickable so we can see who your competition is ...


Yes, I had too much time on my hands today. :-) I hope you don't think I know how all this stuff works. I have no clue how to make the button clickable. Sorry!



Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the great amount of knowledge you share with us everyday and through your books. I will add a link to your blog to help get your Technorati ranking up. Take care...from Costa Rica. Art Gonzalez

You are a successful entrepreneur (I'd even say serial entrepreneur if I didn't think it was one of the lamest terms Valley people use).
You are a published author, multiple times over.
In the tech community you have a household name.

Is being in the "top ten in technorati" really that important to you?



I hear what you're saying. Some thoughts: I honestly don't consider myself a successful entrepreneur. I've started several companies that have done okay, but none that are a Google, Yahoo, or eBay. I worked at Apple, but was employee 5041--so it wasn't a startup, and I wasn't a founder. Also, Garage isn't Sequoia or Kleiner, Perkins.

I have written eight books, but none have been an In Search of Excellence or Good to Great. So I guess I still have something to prove. :-) I would like to do a "masterpiece" that I will be remembered for.

Having said all this, let's say I did start "a Google" and did write a "In Search of Excellence," I would still care. It's the challenge of mastering a new medium. I also think that linking should be the sincerest form of flattery--as opposed to reciprocation. Thus, linking is a proxy, in my mind, for the contribution that you are making to the world by fostering education, enlightenment, whatever.



I think there is a lot to be said for shameless grovelling. It is potentially a lucrative and previously underestimated market. :-)

The replying within comments make sense. It took a bit to figure out what you were talking about, but I get it now. :)

Categories was a good move.

Whoa - the comment in a comment is freakin' me out maaaan. It's just not natural...

Table of Contents would be your archives, but yeah, finding the happy medium so that old content is always fresh is tough and something I've been working on for awhile and have a long way to go.

One idea I've implemented is a "time capsule" where content from one year ago is linked from the front page and automatically updated everyday. You might think of doing something like that.

Guy, have you done anything with coComment yet? Might help with keeping up with your comment threads...

BTW, thanks for turning me onto Textpander (really nice!)

Nice (and fun) improvements. Will keep me coming back to see the number! Your blog is great for solid business advice, and also an evolving blogging primer as well -- I've learned a lot and have referred many people your blog's way for advice on either or both.

Actually Guy... once you make it to the top ten, the text has a big surprise for you! (It's a good surprise don't worry)


Alright, alright. I am posting the link today to help ensure you get your top ten rank. Anybody who wrote the Art of the Start has got my help (even if they are shamelessly groveling for it).


"Shamelessly groveling" implies that I am in denial about what I am doing. I am not in denial. I am proud to ask for help. It's what evangelists do!

Thanks for the help!


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