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May 29, 2006

Another font story


Here is the story of Lucerna, designed to make the Bible printable on fewer pages for Tyndale House Publishers.

Then check out this interesting blog about design by the creator of Lucerna. It contains the best definition of design that I’ve ever seen:

Design consists of creating things for clients who may not know what they want, until they see what you've done, then they know exactly what they want, but it's not what you did.

By the way, this is what it’s like to blog while in Alesund, Norway. :-)



nice blog!

I've found most of the perils of designers exist across all disciplines. Graphics, Architecture, Web, etc. Selling the design is almost as big a problem as solving the design itself. I am exploring these things on my own 1/47 millionth of the web. :-) Thanks for linking us over to Brian's work.

Hey, Ålesund, what brings you over here to the fjords...?

enjoy the stay!

So, whattcha doing in Aalesund? :)

I can almost see that mountain from the other side out my window :)

Hi Guy, In the effort to save america's shrinking natural Ink resources I favor "electronic" for all things Bible, this uses no ink at all :)

I am a huge fan of palm pilot pda electronic Bibles available from Laridian and other companies: searchable, fast and always in my pocket.

Also,if you use it as your Bible in a church service...if the sermon gets tired and uninspired ...you can do your own Bible study (or play Tetris) :)

Actually, using tech com devices in church services is something I'm actually very interested in. I've been using blogging, text messaging and cell phone calls live in my sermons and worship services as ways for the whole group to be part of the message, and worship. The next step is wifi laptops with Bible software in the service so people can add to the sermon as they study real time

- ahhhhh they've turned me into a tech geek pastor biker.

While you’re in Norway, you might want to drop by Finland. They like to party a lot there this time of year.
myblogclub.org: http://www.myblogclub.org

Looks a little like the view of Kaneohe Bay except with snow. :)

Being a norwegian, I would say Aalesund is a mighty fine town. Actually the town administration of that town is very hi-tech and up to date.

Have a good one there :)

While Lucerna is lovely, there is the old font adage that once a typeface is used in a Bible, it tends not to be used anywhere else … Not sure how true that holds, though.

That picture is beautiful. It reminds me of Juneau, Alaska.

Wow. Been a while since I visited Alesund ("Ålesund" would be more correct) but it's still awesome.

And design wise: For such customers, it should be policy to give them a bad design so they can figure out what they don't want. And then of course, they'll get ideas and come around to telling you a design you were going to give them in the first place.

the quote is just as true in software engineering as it is in graphic design

Dude! Seriously, be careful not to fall in a fjord.

The other side of that definition is this:

Design is a user-focused, prototype-based development process that simplifies complexity and achieves success through collaboration.

Sounds like a mission statement, eh? ;)

Why Design?


BTW, nice picture. Stay warm :-)

Off topic: Guy, what is your fascination with the word 'evangelize' and miscellaneous yiddish words?

regarding the design quote- ain't it the truth, ain't it the truth.

Regarding blogging from Alesund- Oh, you poor Guy.

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