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May 04, 2006

Reality Check: Jajah

I must say that the "reality check" on Goowy worked better than I anticipated. Here's another product to look at called Jajah.

Jajah is a VOIP company. It enables you to make long distance calls for about $.02/minute. Some people's initial reaction will be, "I can already do this with Skype."

I don't think so. Jajah enables you to make a VOIP call from any phone to any phone. The call is initiated through the Jajah web site, but once initiated, the caller's and callee's computer are not utilized.

You can, for example, initiate the call for your cell phone, turn off your computer, jump in your car, and drive off. (You can't do that with a Skype phone in a Wifi network.)

Key points:

  • There is nothing to download and install.
  • No one needs to get an additional phone number--eg, you talk on your existing cell phone (or landline phone) to your parents in China on their existing cell phone (or landline phone).
  • Your computer is not used as a node in a P2P network.
  • You don't call an access number and get called back.

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