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July 29, 2006

BlogHer Pictures

Had a great time at BlogHer today. Here are the pictures that I took. You’ll see about thirty pictures in this looplet. To see all 113 pictures, click on the looplet. To share this loop with other people, send them this URL:


If you see yourself in the loop (or can identify people), please send me the frame number and the blog address, and I’ll link the picture to the blog. The frame of the pictures that are linked turns blue when you mouse over it. If it turns yellow, then the picture simply zooms.

Also, if you were at BlogHer and want to add pictures to the loop, just drag and drop them in.

Note: the linking and adding-picture functionality are available in the full loop, not the looplet that you see in my blog. You get the full loop by clicking on the looplet.

A few of my favorites:

DSC_2558.JPGThis is everything that attendees got in the conference bag. It included something I’ve never gotten in conference bag before (see next picture).

DSC_2564.JPGYup, a condom...although I guess I’ve never gotten a bib too.

DSC_2370.JPGSaturn enabled attendees to test drive its cars. Kudos to Saturn for doing this.

DSC_2373.JPGThis is three percent of the Technorati 100: Dave Winer, Robert Scoble, and yours truly. I don’t know who the teenager is. If he has a blog, this may be four percent of the Technorati 100.

DSC_2532.JPGAnother picture of Robert Scoble—this time with the new Microsoft point-and-shoot, pocket-size digital video camera with color adjustment software built in. Rumor has it this was his severance package.


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yeah,The picture is not to big so I can't be certain but I do believe the teenager is Scoble's son Patrick

Ooh, I'm honored to be on there (as Kristen already pointed out above - we have the stained glass behind us). Also, #1 is Stephania Butler of citymama.com, kimchimamas, and blogging baby

Hi Guy ~

Here are some urls for you:

15 is Rita from Surrenderdorothy.com and Mir from wouldashouldacoulda.com

18 is Meghan Townsend from Mommybloggers.com and Karen Rani from troll-baby.com

24 is Liz from Mom-101.blogspot.com and coolmompicks.com and me (Kristen) from motherhooduncensored.typepad.com

Thanks for this!~

Did you by any chance meet "Dooce"?

The Tart
; )

Frame #7 is me, Denise Wakeman of The Blog Squad, http://www.buildabetterblog.com

Great meeting you at BlogHer and thanks for including my photo in the FilmLoop.


I told my daughter-in-law, Daring Young Mom, to find you at the conference. You were kind to have your picture taken with her. Thanks!



Guy, I'm in frame 23 - the really weird looking redhead is me. The really cute girl next to me is Yvonne, from Joy Unexpected.

I'm also in slide 52. Thank you so much for doing this. It was a true pleasure to meet you!



Nice to meet you! I linked your blog to the photo.

My best to you,


Hi Guy = I took the Scoble Sr, Scoble Jr, Winer, Kawasaki picture ... it came out good, didn't it!?! Did you get my blue toe nails? Great to see you at BlogHER.

Best -- Halley




I did get your blue toe nails, and I linked the photo to your site. It's picture number 28 in the loop. Thanks for taking the picture of the four of us.


Nice meeting you at Blogher. Fabulous photos! Thanks for your support of women bloggers and for capturing this momentous event on filmloop. I'll try to add some Blogher photos to your loop.

Stephanie, Stylehive

I heard there were also pasties given out as swag...but maybe you'd received those before?



They weren't in the bag to my knowledge. Maybe I didn't recognize them or I got a special bag?


Great pictures! I hope to make the conference next year.

Yeah, that's my son. He has his own blog here: http://miniscoble.wordpress.com/

Oh, and Guy, sorry for stealing the photo. At Microsoft I learned to only steal from the best! :-)


At least you're honest. :-)


I also think it's Robert's son Patrick, but I'm sure he has introduced him to you, didn't he? :-)

If you see yourself, send me the frame number and the site you'd like your picture to be linked to, and I'll add the link.

To see how it works, click on the second frame to go to the Kimchi Mamas blog. You can tell a picture will go to a web site if the frame turns blue when you mouse over it. If it turns yellow, it will simply zoom up in size.

Also, feel free to add photos to the loop!



Ooh la love, I'm in Guy Kawasaki's loop.

Thanks for taking my photo, good to meet you.


You flatter me. I linked to your picture to your blog.


Hi! I am an avid fan of yours and cannot believe that you have a picture of me in your awesome film loop (person looking off, finding zen(?), on the phone, rattan bag, blue jean jacket.) I have so many of your posts delicious-ed and I am so sorry we did not get a chance to talk. I spoke at the opening of the conference on Sat. morning about the katrina work we did on our blog: beenthereclearinghouse.com, in case you happened to be there at the early part. Hope we can meet at the next conference. Cooper


Yes, until then. Sorry we did not meet. I've linked your picture Katrina blog.

My best to you,


No other than Microsoft can make a video camera that ruins color and tell that an "enhancement"

Such a pleasure to spend time with you at BlogHer. Anxious to share the podcast interview soon. I guess you managed to get behind the microphone after all? ;-)

Best regards,
Stephanie, ListenShare

It's nice to see that Raines dressed up for the event.

Something I think she does really well that you didn't mention is controls the crowd.

In the first 3 minutes when she was talking about the park she could have stopped and received a rapturous round of applause, but she waited right up until she mentioned her marriage before allowing the crowd to congratulate her. It made for a better uninterrupted speech.

Guy - FilmLoop seems neat, but I see Rob's point. I downloaded the player (had I not come across this on YOUR blog, I probably would not have done that).

The instructions seem easy to follow - but from a user perspective, it's a little too "interupting" (if you want to do anything more than just view the loop in it's presented context). On install, it immediately took up residence on my toolbar and I hadn't even exited the install before I started getting pop up messages that there had been additional photos added to your loop (the only loop I'm in at the moment - imagine if I was in 100 of them!).

I think the idea of putting a loop on a blog or other website is really neat!! I'm going to play around with it and see if I can get it to do what I want it to do and cut out the rest of the noise. I think this has potential, though.

I tend to work with larger corporations and I could see uses for this both internally (enhancing internal communications about company events, product launches, ets.) and externally (related to customers, vendors, etc.).

Thanks for sharing!

I actually found the looplet kind of annoying. I can accept some people may like browsing pictures that way, but I'd rather use the thumbnail 30-at-once method. The looplet seems time consuming for me, and in this time and age what we need are technologies that help us save time, not the other way around, especially for things where we want to know asap whether they're of any interest to us, like browsing 30+ pictures.

And then, if I want to see a picture in a larger size I need to download a player? To view a picture from the web? Sorry for the offtopic but I really wonder if I missed something of value here.

I don't work for Microsoft anymore, that's PodTech.net's new camcorder. Nice meeting you, I'd definitely like to have you on.

Awesome idea to get the word out about FilmLoop!

It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance today (and an honor to make it into your looplet!). As a first-time entrepreneur (at the ripe young age of 23), I'm always looking for advice from those with the benefit of experience. A possible blog post idea for you: Top 10 Things a First-Time Entrepreneur Should Know.


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