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August 24, 2006

Favor: Please complete this survey


I’ve signed up with Federated Media to sell advertising on my blog. As part of the preparation for this, they’d like to know more about my readership. I’d really appreciate you filling out this survey.




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Thanks God for you guys.

Korralik mööbel:

Done...easy survey...makes sense to get a sense of readership. I was at a big national newspaper once, and finding out about their audience is what ended up making them the only national newspaper. Advertisers want to know.


same here. Done. Just came across your page recently and come back eversince. Great source of information. I very much enjoyed your entrepreneur keynote as well as the panel discussion with the start-up CEO´s. Keep up the great work and stick with the humour. And the shirts.
All the best from Germany,


Done too!

Great blog Guy. I was really happy to have found it - I read your "Rules for Revolutionaries" and enjoyed it a lot.

One thing you might want to point out to the folks at the F..d Media - they do the survey for your blog and get its name wrong? How's that for paying attention to your customer? I guess they are really after a quick buck here?

I know it's Latin, but how hard would a cut-and-paste have been?

This is what I got after completing the survey:
> Thank You for your time
> Your feedback helps us tailor Signum Sign > > Tinnitu to your needs.
> Back to Signum Sign Tinnitu.



Shame, shame! You should have used my company (www.powerfeedback.com) for your survey needs. Ours actually work no matter what OS or Web Browser you use...LOL




Talk to Federated Media. I didn't have a choice on how the survey was done.


I get: Not Found
This survey does not exist.

I would have loved participating.
Guy, you are a great inspiration-thanx. Had my first access to your article in Forbes and ever since got hooked. I bought your Art of Start and Selling the Dream and am waiting for more. Having been a member of your blog for over a year it has been an inspirational journey.

Thanks for posting excellent insights.

I get:

Not Found

This survey does not exist.


I don't like the noise of advertising on my screen so I wasn't going to complete the survey. However, after I checked out the comments ("Done", "done","done") I felt a bit guilty as I too love your crazy blog site. So I headed off to the survey only to find that it no longer exists... sorry - not done!

Done. That's the least I can do for having access to your excellent content!

There you go.
Thanks for the great posts.
Would also love to see the survey results.

I couldn't find it again, but Guy said somewhere that the original "Let the Good Times Roll" was (and I am going off memory) possibly encroaching on some other's trademark... so off to the new name.

Just wish I could find where he said it... it was about the time of the general site redesign.

Glad to do this, Guy. I really appreciate the insights on your blog. Keep it up!

Guy, a real hockey player spells the word "favour".

Go Habs.

Thanks Saber and Steve for your insight on "Signum sine tinnitu".

If Guy has never explain this, I bet Guy will send the person who explains it correctly a copy of his book. Anyway, contrary to Saber, Steve and some others on the web's take, my poetic take of "Signum sine tinnitu" is that it means "a banner without noise". Sounds clean and better.

So Guy, can you tell us what was your original intended meaning of it?

Source: http://www.nd.edu/~archives/latin.htm

signum -i n. [a sign , mark, token; a warning, symptom]; milit. [a standard, banner, ensign; a signal, order, command; a watchword, password]; [a figure, image, statue; a seal, signet; a group of stars, constellation].

sine prep. with abl. [without].

tinnitus -us m. [ringing , tinkling, jingling].

Source: http://www.m-w.com/dictionary/tinnitus
tinnitus: a sensation of noise (as a ringing or roaring)

I know it would be a long survey with too many unrelated questions for a guy living in chennai. But you know what, "Done".

This is what i wrote in the comments area:

Please make the survey shorter.


thank you for your witchcraft. pleasant dreams sweet one.

I couldn't not fill this form, your blog is too great to refuse ;)
Besides, if I recall correctly, FM is somehow related to John Battelle and I'm a reader of his SearchBlog too, so one more reason not to refuse ;)

By the way, I wonder what is the geographical characteristic of your audience, Guy. I guess you should have an insight into the results of the poll so perhaps you can tell us ;)

Done! Thanks for posting the video from the Churchill club.

Will you share the results of your survey? I am very interested to know the profile of your readers. I have my guesses...

Just wanted to say - I completed the survey for the sole reason that you were so straightforward about what it was about.

I'm glad when people don't bullshit me. Thanks for being blunt that it's for advertising. I don't mind that it's for advertising, as long as people -say- it's for advertising.

Maybe you can sell enough advertising to buy an ice rink.



I like your thinking! Amen, baby!


I really, really hate the twisted phrases that pass off as language in this survey.
"Which of the below applications or processes do you currently use to enhance your Internet experience?"
What are you doing on the internet?

Hello. Not everbody here is a native English speaker or has too much time to read bullshit.

Done by me, too. I hope the products and services on your site will be worth seeing. Keep the great work you're doing, Guy!

Just Finished the survey !!!!

good luck Guy

Regards from Guatemala.

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