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August 19, 2006

TechCrunch Party Pictures

These are photos from the TechCrunch party at August Capital. If you'd like to zoom or see all ninety-one pictures, click on a frame (only thirty are previewed here).

If I got $1.00 for every time I heard “Web 2.0,” I would not have to work anymore. Low point of the evening: Kris Tate (founder of Zooomr) came up to me and said, “I first heard about you when I was four.”


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Thanks for the pictures, they look great.

Are you seriously comparing this FilmLoop toy to PDF? Did you invest in it or something?


Guy, it was an honor to meet you this weekend. It was worth the flight from AZ just for that! here's one pic that didn't make the film loop->



Disappointed not to see the speedo clad streaker in your photo set that The Tech Chronicles posted http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/sfgate/detail?blogid=19&entry_id=8151

Guy, it's better that the Zooomr guy heard of you when he was 4, rather than having heard of you only that evening. :-)



Come off it: it doesn't take omniscience to spot a stupid idea. These filmloop guys may be friends of yours, but frankly, their business plan makes about as much sense as the CueCat. Right here in this comment thread so far, 25% of the commenters have rejected the idea of downloading yet another app just to look at some pictures. How many more people click on a thumbnail expecting to see a larger picture (like happens with any NORMAL web page), get to the down load page, and say "whaa?" Heck, even the porn industry has given up on the "run my app to see the pictures" gambit!

I'm rather surprised that with your track record, you didn't immediately file them under "yetAnotherCluelessMarketingDinkIdea.com".



What happened the first time you clicked on a PDF?


Great coverage of the party. Good to see people being realxed. The pictures are very motivating to follow the example.

Thank you for sharing this pictures with me !

Guy- great shots! Great to see you @TC-- You were a big hit at the party!


You only say that because I have two pictures of you in this loop!


guy: update the zooomr link too, currently links to zoomr (are these guys in trouble or what ;-))


Ahh, yes. Thanks for pointing this out too!


Great blog generally but I'm just adding another voice of mild frustration to this Filmloop thing. Not very web 2.0 :P

JCR, must have worked with Steve Jobs, or else how has he learned to "quiet his mind."

It is hell to get old, you know it is bad when people as old as your grandchildren say the same thing!


This "Filmloop" outfit is doomed. The scrolling thingie in the browser is cute, but when I click on a picture, I want to see the PICTURE, not a link to download an app that does the same thing that half a dozen apps I already have can do. Frankly, it comes across as a sneaky kind of spamming.

If these clowns are venture-funded, then that will be one more example I'll cite in years to come of VCs wasting money on stupid ideas. I guess the magic VC hypnosis trigger these days is saying "Web 2.0", right?




Tell us about the moment you first discovered you were omniscient. I bet it was a powerful experience. :-)


Hi, is there any keynotes video speeches for this event?

"Web 2.0 will not be recognized for 2 more years. It is missing one key ingredient, which will be ready in mid or late 2007." If you look around hard enough, you might find a few of these available.

Guy, Zooomr with 3 "o".


See? I'm too old to even know the hip spelling of stuff! :-) Thanks for pointing this out.


Agreed. Not a fan of this whole FilmLoop idea.

Pictures look great but like Arjun says who would download and install an application to view pictures.

Me, I have just happy with the very fast moving 30 previews.

Thanks for sharing.

Its not so bad if the person who came up to you was 15 now.

Hey Guy!

Do you think you could do an entry/article on why Remi Frazier didn't "succeed" with his Mantool?

I've seen crazier things happen than what he was hoping for, but I would like to get some perspective from somebody experienced like yourself.


This filmloop player is incredibly annoying. Download an app to look at pictures? Seriously.

Hi Guy,

Great to meet you last night! Thanks for the pictures

I look forward to talking with you more at future events.



Anyone commenting on Bubble 2.0?

It was nice to meet you Guy, keep up the great work! Your incite and wealth of knowledge help spur wonderful ideas.

Great new filmloop "Widget". ;)

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