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September 07, 2006

Blog Demographics--One Blog's Data Points


If you’d like to see the results of my recent readership survey, click here. A total of 1,631 people responded. These are my ten favorite stats:

  1. 39% are outside the U.S.

  2. 45% live in households that make more than $100,000/year

  3. 58% have no children

  4. 24% are a CEO/President/Chairperson/Owner

  5. 12% read my blog more than once a day

  6. 12% have spent $5,000 or more in the past year on gadgets

  7. 52% place comments on blogs and sites

  8. 82% of you get asked for advice on technology

  9. 39% rarely travel by air for business

  10. 31% consider yourself an expert on consumer electronics gadgets

It seems to me that these results would describe most readers of tech/marketing/entrepreneurship blogs if you’re looking for this sort of information.


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Guy - this is fascinating:
43% of the respondents are computer professionals or consultants - 51.8 if you add "engineers".

78.6% spend more than 15 hours per week on the internet - 94.7% more than 5!

Especially on the second stat, I wonder how that compares to the overall population (US and Global). This is certainly not the average person in either of those populations.

It's interesting to contrast this with Seth Godin's post on stats:

Thanks for letting us peek!


I am a female entrepreneur and am interested in Guy's blog-but not more than once a day-I love ya but not that much! LOL

I find it interesting that "45% of the readers live in households that make more than $100,000 per year (my two year old business isn't quite there yet)
and also that 58% have no children.
Is this a coincidence?? LOL


It could be a coincidence, but I think that people with children have to work harder and make more money!


>52% place comments on blogs and sites

And I guess 100% answer surveys like this one.

Yup, well, I didn't fill out your survey but I also live outside the U.S. (happily). Happily I am also NOT a CEO. Thank you very much, but I left my job recently, due to NOT being interested in continuing to climb the corporate ladder. Yech.
Also, thanks Guy, for reminding me to do a backup. :)
Dena in Israel

1. I am outside the U.S.
2. I live in households that make more than $100,000/year
3. I have a children
4. I am a CEO
5. I do not read this blog more than once a day
6. I do not have spent $5,000 or more in the past year on gadgets
7. I do place comments on blogs and sites
8. I am rarely asked for advice on technology
9. I often travel by air for business
10. I do not consider myself an expert on consumer electronics gadgets

Do I match? :)


It would be interesting to slice the data by the 49% who publish their won blog versus the other half. That should yield more revealing stats about the bolggers!

Since the respondents were self-selecting, the results of this poll are not statistically significant.


Oh great, don't tell me you're going to turn your blog into another adulescent geek paradise.

1,631 people responded to the poll.



I'm surprised that almost 40% of the respondents _rarely_ travel for business. Not that I expect that all of us are road warriors, but "rarely" is pretty strong in the other direction.


Someone who is rarely at home...

I have trouble in Netscape Navigator with site. Thank you.

Guy, you know how many people read your RSS feed? It's a interesant stat because this 12% that read you more than once a day don't know the existance of the feed or have a lot of free time

Guy - Thanks for sharing these results. I'll echo John and Pam's question about the number of respondents, can you share that, too?

Wouldn't be great to see these same respondents answer the questions a few years from now and track the growth of job function/income/status?

24% are a CEO, Owner or Chair person? This data looks a little bit overestimated.

The rest is looking pretty realistic though.

12% read this more than once a day? I love the blog...but are they memorizing it?

Corollary: 39% of readers (as highlighted in point 1) will be wondering what goes on in Cleveland in light of this earlier comment and their differnet interpretation of the relevant noun.


Guy, there is no figure how many people has taken the servey

Sounds like a yummy audience to me ! The only thought that crosses my mind with online surveys to measure audiences is whether this is the profile of the people who "read" a blog or of those who "fill out surveys" (and happen to be reading your blog).

Not that it matters a lot on a world scale (or in getting ad-dollars ;-) yet I keep thinking that anyone who could figure out a way to aggregate the profile ofwho is "really out there" is bound to make a bundle.

In the mean time, keep inspiring us !


Hi Guy:

I thought it was interesting that only 12.8% of your readers are women. I would have thought that would be higher.

Also that 21% view more than 40 hours a week of internet content. Jeez, when do these people have time to work? Oh yeah - this is probably happening while they are (supposed to be) working.

I'm curious too - how many people responded? (I did)


oh Yeah! This is the result from your survey which you did coupla weeks back?

Cool, I am in that "12% read my blog more than once a day" besides the few other points! Btw, i like this new layout and the BIG buttons, text, input fields.

Technically savvy single males with a decent income. Sounds like a gadget advertiser's dream.

But you know, I have never once bought a gadget based on an ad I've seen online. Isn't that what your marketing folks really want to know? I'm sure most people make technology purchasing decisions based primarily on word of mouth, or in some cases a review in an independent publication.

I've looked at MajikWidget's site merely because you use them. On the other hand, I won't look at iPod accessories just because Google tells me they exist.

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