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September 19, 2006

How to Use Digg to Get Traffic

I learn something new every day. Little did I know, being the trailing-edge blogger that I am, that Digg is so powerful. I’ve focused on links and Technorati, but there’s a parallel universe of traffic and Digg.

Here’s a good example. This is my traffic log for the first few weeks of September. The spike of 37,366 page views on September 8th is purely because a blog posting appeared on the home page of Digg.


The guy who removed the scales from my eyes about the power of Digg is Neil Patel. He’s written a very informative post called “Using Digg and Netscape to get traffic”; you should read it if you care about traffic. He writes lots of good stuff about blog and site optimization, so consider subscribing to his RSS feed by clicking here.


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I learn something new every day. Little did I know, being the trailing-edge blogger that I am, that Digg is so powerful. I’ve focused on links and Technorati, but there’s a parallel universe of traffic and Digg. [Read More]


Here is another website you might like.

Very informative tip. I promptly tried it. Will visit your blog regularly.

Nice info. I am thinking of starting to work with this concept for this blog. http://bucksfrominternet.blogspot.com/

Wish me all success.I will comment back to you if i find increase in my stats.

Get 1 million diggs to your news article by using DUPLINKS.COM

Very interesting. Yes recently i too have got onto digg. seems to go well. also try writing articles in various article banks.

You are most welcome to visit any of the blogs here: Each of the blogs has something different. The address of these are:




You should not only use digg.com.
Another great social bookmarking website is:
- William :)

This is a cool info, thanks a lot!

man !
I did try this .
Page views went up from 2k to 5k / day

cheers !

What traffic can 15 diggs in one day give me

Great post, I used these techniques last night and already got traffic. Not what I was anticipating but its better than nothing. Thanks a lot this post really helped .


I recently started using digg as well. Not much to report yet. I read a really good article on SEOmoz called the anatomy of super digg or something to that effect. It got me interested.

Digg is the best medium to spread your favourite links

I prefer reddit too, superior compared to digg


Thank you very much.

I personally prefer reddit.com

Digg really seems to be controlled by some spam masters, while netscape.com seems to be close to death recently.

Am I dreaming?


Digg is a very interesting tool for Search engine Optimizers.if anyone digg a story in this website, he gets traffic instantly. There are some more websites on which by adding your links you can drive traffic to your website. and backlinks also.Actually digg is index by google every day. and link present on this are also gets cache.

http://znitchit.blogspot.com/2006/11/digg-howto-get-on-top.html has a clear tutorial about how to get to digg's home page too.

My experience being frontpaged at digg back in May was 10,000 hits in 14 hours. And, I am still getting an extra couple hundred hits a week from digg referrals of that story. The next day, I posted a graph and a more detailed discussion of the effect. Interestingly, although the bounce rate for the digg crowd were higher than normal for my readers, they still viewed 1.3 pages on average - so at least 25% of them decided to look around.

In my views,
digg,reddit and del.ici.o.us brought traffic for short span of time.It can boost your traffic by many folds.I used to post blog on Bloggerspot http://nokiamobilephonedeals.blogspot.com/
No one notice it.But ondigg if i put up a story about Mobile Phone Shop http://www.directphoneshop.co.uk
and if i got my story published on homepage then the traffic will come like a nuclear chain reaction.
But remember don't use digg as a spamming machine.

Perhaps the thing to notice here is that you get absolutely zero repeat traffic. Digg is not sticky, it doesn't create longer term awareness, just mindless follow of the crowd. It is powerful though.


I got to the front page this week for the first time on an article with 1175 Diggs.

What I found interesting from the traffic analysis was how little traffic came from the second tier web2.0 sites like Furl and Stumbleupon.

What I found is that Reddit, Digg and Netscape all have slightly different audiences that like different things.

Digg - teenagers
Netscape - 30+, real news seems to do better than tech/career/web pieces
Reddit - professionals

I'd love it if one of them would create an article voting site for articles about blogging.

Oops - forgot to mention Guy that I did this today as a way to tip the scales into the 3'000s in Technorati ranking. I was at 4,004 before submitting ... now I am 3,992!

I thought you would appreciate my glee at the slow upward grind of ranking. I know I shouldn't care, but it gave me a short burst of competitive glee.


I did a small experiment with a post today and submitted to Reddit, Digg and Netscape. Perhaps because I didn't go through the "Digg 100's", (or because my post was not interesting to Digg readers!) my post languished in the back pages and created sparse traffic. Reddit, on the other hand, drove a few hundred new visitors to my site (good numbers for my current reader volume). Netscape had nary a whisper - not one visit.

My post was on "5 ways to get out of "job" mentality when starting a business" which may have been more interesting to Reddit readers, since they seem to be an entrepreneurial bunch. (since links always cut off here, it is the 9/21 post on www.escapefromcubiclenation.com)

I will continue to play around and see if I don't get more Diggs if I woo the big players, as well as creating more sexy content.

And a technical question for your smart readers ... as a Typepad user, how do I get the "Digg this" feature to work at the bottom of each post like you have? I currently have "email this," "add to delicious," and "subscribe to this feed." Any guidance would be appreciated!


Creative One, it is indeed shocking how much money these monsters make. Note though, popularity is by service and revenue is by selling advertising. I'll be interested in the service you create to bring everybody into one place.

I agree with Mr. Minnihan. He makes an interesting point! Spikes in traffic are flattering… but not necessarily useful.
My website caters mostly to parents, grandparents and teachers. I judge “success” by newsletter signups, book sales and happy emails from people telling about making things with their kids.

Some spikes in traffic, such as links from stumbleupon.com, activityvillage.co.uk, and mentions in magazines like Family Fun and Women's World have been great… leading to lots of Amazon sales and hundreds of new newsletter subscribers. Other spikes in traffic, like a mention in on a French site radins.com or milkandcookies.com (which is mostly funny or bikini videos), gleaned me lots of visitors but not a ton of book sales or signups.

I've found the second best way (at least for me) to way to boost traffic is to google out "best of" sites in your field and submit your URL. I received a coveted one of only sixteen spots on the American Library Association website that way.

The best way, of course, is to have interesting content on your website or blog, everything else is just wrapping paper.

Make toys! Play more!


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