Top Ten Entrepreneur’s Song List

Over at Escape From Cubicle Nation, Pam Slim has compiled the top ten entrepreneur’s song list, complete with samples. Speaking of music, I was listening to the Greg Kihn show on KFOX this morning, and Gregg Allman called in because his daughter’s band came in second in the station’s “Last Band Standing” contest. In response [...]

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Happy Halloween: Win $500 of Goodies

My buddies at FilmLoop are about to announce a Halloween photo story contest. To enter, click here. The prize is $500 of party supplies so that you can have a good time as you scare the shiitake out of people with your costume. FilmLoop released a new version so that you can add “bling” such [...]

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How to Change the World: Defensibility

Blog reader Curtis Thompson asked me a very good question a few days ago: What should an entrepreneur say when she’s asked what makes her company defensible? This question is more and more common as more and more entrepreneurs start “Web 2.0 companies,” and investors torture themselves by wondering why they didn’t fund YouTube. “Defensible [...]

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Geek Marketing 101

I found a great blog entry that explains technology marketing. Here are the first three elements of this top-ten list: Marketing is not a department. Marketing is a combination of elements that creates the environment in which it is possible to meet a customer need (starting right back at product development). Promotion and sales are [...]

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The Art of Commercialization

One of the consequences of a boomlet is that organizations like research labs, defense contractors, and aerospace companies are going to want a piece of the action. Their logic will go like this: “The technology we invented for satellite imaging can be used for amateur video, so we could have created YouTube and sold to [...]

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Reality Check: Coghead

Coghead provides a web-based application that allows tech-savvy businesspeople (that is, non-programmers) to create and deliver their own web-based applications. Essentially, it’s bringing the “do-it-yourself” trend to software&#8212hopefully disrupting tradition and changing the way software is created and used. It can help fill the large, unmet need for small, specialized applications because packaged software is [...]

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Six Cool Things

Now-Up-to-Date Script for Motorola Q A few months ago I mentioned that I had bought a Motorola Q and posed the question of getting my appointments from Now-Up-to-Date to the phone. The best solution was this convoluted path: Export from Now-Up-to-Date, import into Palm Desktop, export as vCal, import into iCal, and then synchronize with [...]

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Ten Questions with Polly LaBarre

Polly LaBarre is the co-author (with Bill Taylor) of the newly released book called Mavericks at Work: Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win. The strategies, tactics, and advice in Mavericks at Work grew out of in-depth access to a collection of forward-looking companies. These maverick companies are attracting millions of customers, creating thousands [...]

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Oh Canada!

I’m in Waterloo (Ontario, no French jokes, please) to give an Art of the Start speech for Communitech. I just found out that the event is open to the public and free. The speech is on Friday, October 6th at 11:00 am in Fed Hall on the University of Waterloo campus. Click here to register. [...]

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Top Ten Quotes: America and Americans (Jon Winokur Delivers Again)

America is the only nation in history which miraculously has gone directly from barbarism to degeneration without the usual interval of civilization. Georges Clemenceau America...just a nation of two hundred million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns and no qualms about killing anybody else in the world who tries [...]

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Reality Check: Fanpop

Fanpop is a network of social portals where communities of fans can discover and share content and participate in discussions around their favorite topics of interest. Rather than visiting multiple websites and forums or hunting and pecking through search results, passionate users bring the best content together in one place. Fans can submit, organize, and [...]

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Yahoo! Hack Day Pictures

Yahoo! sponsored an event called “Hack Day” this weekend. Approximately 500 developers showed up and created fifty-four prototypes in a twenty-four hour period. has the demos here and here. The winner was called Blogging in Motion. Yahoo! even brought in Beck to entertain the crowd on Friday night. (To be honest, I had never [...]

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Mumbai Guy

Just returned from a few days in Mumbai. What a mind-expanding experience! I was there to speak for an IBM conference for middleware vendors and customers. The contrast in living conditions for the very rich and the very poor is eye-opening—and I didn’t see the absolute extremes of either. I’ve never seen such vivid colors [...]

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