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October 10, 2006

Six Cool Things


Now-Up-to-Date Script for Motorola Q

A few months ago I mentioned that I had bought a Motorola Q and posed the question of getting my appointments from Now-Up-to-Date to the phone. The best solution was this convoluted path: Export from Now-Up-to-Date, import into Palm Desktop, export as vCal, import into iCal, and then synchronize with Missing Sync.

One blog reader, Michael LaMorte, wrote a script for me so that I export from Now-Up-to-Date into a specific folder. There’s a script attached to this folder that places the appointments into iCal. Then I synchronize (actually, over-write) with Missing Sync. This is a vast improvement. If you’d like to use this script, click here. It’s called “PD2iCal 1.0.zip.”



A buddy of mine from the old days of MacUser started a company called Retrevo. This is a vertical search engine for consumer electronics. If you’re into gadgets, you have to give it a shot. Try searching for “D200” (ie, Nikon D200) in Retrevo and then in Google. You’ll see why this is such a useful site.


Logitech Presenter

Logitech makes a terrific remote control device for changing PowerPoint slides called the Presenter. It’s the best device of its kind that I’ve found; these are its key features:
  • Fifty-foot range, and it doesn’t require pointing at the receiver.

  • The laser pointer requires no special sequence to turn on.

  • There’s a place to slide the USB receiver into the transmitter, so you don’t lose it.

  • You can set the transmitter to vibrate when time is running out at the five and two minutes to go marks; thus, there’s no need to try to look at your watch as slyly as possible.


“The Trouble With EM ’n EN (and Other Shady Characters)” by Peter K Sheerin

This is very useful guide about typography on the Web from A List Apart. If you’re a blogger and into getting things right, this is a must read. It was referred to me by Dave McCollum.

Before you even ask, my post postings contain many mistakes by the standards that Sheerin explains. But I just love this tweaky typography stuff.


iStockphoto Sells Video Clips

iStockphoto is now selling video clips. Here’s an example that you could have put together for $15. Check out what iStockphoto has to offer by clicking here.

GuyKawasaki 024.jpg

Jersey from My Buddies in Waterloo

Here’s a picture of me getting a really cool jersey during my trip to Waterloo. Go Leafs! Just don’t beat the Sharks.


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Great Post.

Hi Guy,

I bought the Logitech presenter only minutes after reading your article - only to find out it doesn't work with my mac. It wouldn't have come to my mind you would recommend a windows-only gadget and so I'm now stuck with a useless piece of electronic. Or did you manage to make it work with your mac ?



I plugged it in and it worked. I didn't do a thing.


Hehe - why is the post caled "five_cool_things"? There's always another one...



Yeah, we've been using that Logitech "Presenter" in VC pitches! Great device. You can set it to time and vibrate you when your time is up, all that. It's comfortable to hold and isn't nearly as phallic as some laser pointers out there.

The beauty of Mac is that the Presenter works out-of-the-box, without having to install any of Logitech's (jokey) drivers. In fact, the only button that doesn't work is that F5 "fullscreen" I think. The presenter also works with Preview. Best I can figure, it just gives left/right arrow commands via USB.

Now, why can't Logitech ship a simple config utiltity for all these USB devices? (so we can set up our own key mappings!)

Not so much the late 60's Guy. Perhaps you'll recall that the Habs won the cup in 71, 73, 76, 77, 78, 79, 86 and 93.

Just because some dude in Waterloo gave you a team Canada jersey doesn't mean you need to become a Leafs fan (I always thought the plural of 'leaf' was 'leaves' - but that's another issue).

Please, just pick any team other than the Leafs. Perhaps the Flames or the Oilers. They're mostly harmless (everybody loves the runner-up).


Point well taken. We are considering offering a control knob that will allow you to set your preference for display of information (in-line preview).

Guy! That's a knock-off, cheap imitation of a Team Canada shirt. I know it's the thought that counts, but geez, couldn't they have bothered to at least get you an authentic replica?


Vipin Jain: Thank you for responding. Retrevo should provide users more control over what information is retrieved and how that information is displayed. In my opinion, that's not an option. It's an expectation that must be fulfilled.

Guy Kawasaki: Which device are you using for music: your Motorola Q or your Apple iPod? ;) San Diego-based Mercora recently unleashed a music service for smartphones called "Mercora M" that bills the service (and mobile phone) as the end of Apple's reign in the handheld music device market. (www.mercora.com)

Logitech is the most funny device, imhp :D

Whoa! "fdasfdafdas" (nice name). Really takes comment spamming serious. That's one impressive and utterly useless list of URL's.

You got a terrible list of links out there (spam)!

Sharks are off to a good start. They should do well this year - just not as well as Anaheim :)


You raise good points. I am afraid vast majority of our users prefers in-line preview of html and pdf pages. We will consider the option for a user to change the default behavior (to handle specific browser setting such as yours and preference). But I am afraid that for now the default behavior remains the same.

As for the second point, we are aware of some sites taking over the browser window. We are tracking these sites and in the future, will be able to suppress this behavior.

We are not perfect. Please bear with us while we go through learning and fine tuning. We are committed to providing you a far superior experience with your hi-tech gadgets in near future.

Go Leafs?



I thought that Montreal lost its NHL team in the late 60s.


Retrevo needs more testing.

1. When I enter in the search term "D200", the page loads, and I'm immediately asked if I would like to download the PDF manual for the D200. My Firefox settings prohibit PDF files from opening within the browser. Retrevo should either not automatically preview a link on load, or not preview any links to non-HTML-ish files such as PDFs, DOCs, and EXEs.

2. Also using the search term "D200", some sites steal focus and break out of the preview frame.

The Logitech Presenter is plug-and-play for Windows, "No software is required for your Windows-based PC." No mention of the Macintosh at all. Does it work with my Mac?

If you are demoing software on a Mac, you need Mouseposé. It shows a follow spot around your mouse to focus attention. Very effective.




Do you really think I would recommend something that didn't work with a Mac?



Logitech remote is purely Windows-based. Heresy.

Guy, I'm jealous, that jersey is slick. Did you see the Sharks spank the flames last night, grrr.

Great post. I love that iStockPhoto is now providing video downloads. I have been using Veer and Revolution Stock Media for the longest time. Unfortunately, their prices are outrageous so it's great to know that I can purchase video for $15 or less. You can't beat that.

In addition, thanks for the info on Logitech's "Presenter." I have been using an Interlink model for a few months and have been quite happy. However, I love that the "Presenter" has the vibrate device and 50ft range. That puts mine to shame. I need to purchase one.

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