Beginner’s Guide to Digg

I recently read a great explanation of Digg by Neil Patel of Pronet Advertising. It’s called the Beginner’s Guide to Digg. If you’re a blogger and want to increase page views, you should read it...I learned a lot, anyway. This cool image, by the way, is from Urlyart.

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GNOTE Conference

A new organization for technology evangelists has just been formed in Silicon Valley. (Secular evangelism has arrived!) The organization’s first conference is coming up on December 4th. Here is the agenda. Network Meeting Center 5201 Great America Parkway Santa Clara, CA 95054 408-562-6111 12/4/2006, 11:30 am - 6:00 pm I hope to see you there!

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Money as a Social Barrier

Check out this study by Prof. Kathleen Vohs of the University of Minnesota (Go Gophers!). She tested the hypothesis that thinking about money can create social barriers. Here is a description of what she did: “To examine this idea in a more controlled setting, Vohs, now at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, and colleagues [...]

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The Art of Panels

Scott Kirsner wrote a great article called “12 Guidelines for Great Panels.” Check it out here. If you read "How to Be a Great Moderator" and "How to Kick Butt on a Panel," you’d have panels down to a science. I have an additional insight regarding panels. Most panels have audiences of 100 to 250 [...]

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Funding Your Dream Video

This is the video recording of the “Funding Your Dream” panel at Garage’s recent “Art of the Start Conference.” The moderator is Mohanjit Jolly, Managing Director - Garage Technology Ventures. The speakers are: Daniel Ahn, Managing Director - Woodside Fund Susan Mason, General Partner - Onset Ventures Chris Moran, General Manager - Applied Ventures Warren [...]

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My Trip to Phoenix

Inspired by The Amateur Gourmet’s truffles-centric adventure, I present to you a “comic” based on a recent trip to Phoenix, Arizona. I was there to speak to the Outlook Leadership conference for convenience-store retailers. This was created with Comic Life from Plasq. While I was there, I asked my hockey buddy, Prof. Steven Strasler, if [...]

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Reality Check: cFares

Garage is an investor in a discount travel company called cFares. First, here’s some background info about the travel business: A large portion of airfare expenditures flow through the GDS systems (ie: Sabre, Amadeus, and Galileo). “First generation online travel sites” such as Travelocity, Expedia, and Orbitz rely on available inventory within the GDS supply. [...]

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Woz and Guy On Stage at the Commonwealth Club

Woz and I are having a “fireside chat” on November 16th. We will discuss iWoz, Apple, and tech entrepreneurship. Here are the logistical details: 6:30 p.m. Santa Clara Marriott Grand Ballroom 2700 Mission College Blvd. Santa Clara Standard seating: $15 for Members, $25 for Non-Members Premium seating (seating at the front of the room): $35 [...]

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Ten Questions with Amanda Congdon

Amanda Congdon was one of the first, if not the first, videoblog sensations. As a host of Rocketboom, she had approximately 300,000 viewers in the spring of 2006. She extended her online fame to a television appearance on the CBS television show CSI. (This is the show—which I love—where all the cops are good looking; [...]

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Counterpoint: Patents and Defensibility

Three of my buddies who are patent attorneys disagreed with my diatribe against patents as a key component of a startup’s defensibility. Being the open-minded Guy that I am, I offered to publish their counterpoint so that you can obtain a broader perspective of intellectual property issues for startups. Patent law is currently a sea [...]

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Reality Check: RAZZ Mixer

RAZZ, Inc. recently introduced the RAZZ Mixer. It enables people to create personalized audio recordings to post on web pages. This is a Flash-based application consisting of a voice recorder, music uploader, and special effects sound board with hundreds of pre-recorded sounds. Users “mix” recordings for posting onto social-networking sites and blogs. These recordings serve [...]

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The Art of Projections in a Dotcom 2.0 World

The world is running amok with entrepreneurs pitching every sort of Web 2.0, social networking, user-generated-content startup. It’s the attack of the bull-shiitake startup projections, so I’m losing my hearing; there’s a ringing in my head, and I get dizzy every once in a while. Before the world implodes (again), here is a top-tenish list [...]

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The Art of the Start Conference

Just a reminder: Hope to see you guys at the Garage/SVASE "Art of the Start" event on Wednesday, November 8th. It’s at the Microsoft Conference Center in Mountain View, California. We’re covering the topics of entrepreneurship, venture capital, product introduction, sales, and marketing. The highlight is a fireside chat with Michael Arrington of TechCrunch. The [...]

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Woz Outtakes

Steve O’Hear traveled to America in 2004 with two friends in order to document life in Silicon Valley. The end result is a DVD that he’s selling called In Search of the Valley. It contains interviews of people like John Warnock (Adobe), Andy Hertzfeld (Macintosh programming whiz), Woz, Craig Newmark (Craig’s List) Tim O’Reilly (O’Reilly [...]

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