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November 15, 2006

Funding Your Dream Video


This is the video recording of the “Funding Your Dream” panel at Garage’s recent “Art of the Start Conference.”

The moderator is Mohanjit Jolly, Managing Director - Garage Technology Ventures. The speakers are:

  • Daniel Ahn, Managing Director - Woodside Fund
  • Susan Mason, General Partner - Onset Ventures
  • Chris Moran, General Manager - Applied Ventures
  • Warren Packard, Managing Director - Draper Fisher Jurvetson>
  • Ian Sobieski, Founder and Managing Director - Band of Angels Fund

This video has been tagged by Veotag. (The Veotag process continues to impress me as a way to make watching video much more efficient.) The topics include:

  • Getting to venture capitalists
  • How to make a presentation
  • The optimal length of a business plan
  • How to handle the valuation process
  • Role changes in the founding team


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This is the video recording of the “Funding Your Dream” panel at Garage’s recent “Art of the Start Conference.” The moderator is Mohanjit Jolly, Managing Director - Garage Technology Ventures. The speakers are: [Read More]

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That's really a smart and quick sloution for video conferencing, without much efforts and time.

Hi Guy; I was one of the attendees at Webmaster world and loved your keynote. Great job!

I have a tiny nit to pick regarding Ken Olsens quote. Take a look at http://www.snopes.com/quotes/kenolsen.asp

His comments were taken out of context. Also, I think we are ALL bozo's at various points in our life.

Loved your keynote!


Just wanted to say thank you for posting this video. Figuring out the world of VCs can be tough for a fresh entrepreneur like myself. I wasn't aware of the Art of the Start conference, but now I'm looking forward to the next one. Bought the Art of the Start book to tide me over till then :)

Guy, good post, I didn't want to just rewrite the comment from my blog so here it is.

I am still trying to learn about the idea of VC, just in case I want to be involved with it down the road. The thing I don't get is that in most of my research it seems as though VC's want companies to come to them, rather then going to the companies. It also seems to be very much like an "old boys" club or the mafia, where you have to know someone to bring you in. I want to see a VC firm recruit companies (like star baseball players) to find ...

You can read the post in it's entirety at my blog: http://www.collaboradate.com/blog/

(A small feedback/request not corresponding to post)
Could you add in future posts links to downloadable version of video files?
I watch videos (or listen to podcasts) mostly when I'm not on-line and videotag service does not offer such option (like google video for example).



I appreciate all the useful info you post here for entrepreneus. As one who is about to start a company in the US, I was hoping to hear your views on east coast vs. west coast chances of succeeding in starting a Web 2.0 startup.

Thanks for the wonderful blog!

I always love your videos, usually circulate them at work to spread a little enlightenment :) It would be *so* cool if veotag allowed me to download video to my ipod.


Tony, _most_ of the value of any conference is from the BoFs, meals, breaks, and other "informal" discussion times. The conference proper is just the icing on the cake, and a way of getting people to stick around for longer than the time to drink a few beers (or mugs of coffee).

Thanks for posting these videos. I wish I could have been at the event.

Loved the video and am going to use the tools given to me from the panel. I appreciate the upload. It is hard for us rookies to get a meeting with the people needed.

Guy, I grew up playing hockey in Northern Minnesota, can I get a meeting? ;)

"Funding your Dream Video". I guess I have been out of the tech industry for too long.

I immediately thought: "Ooh! My Dream Video would be a DVD of one entire show of the Black & Blue Tour when Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult toured together. I definitely fund the research/production of that!"

Oh. Wait. The "Funding Your Dream" video. I get it.


Great video with some great information. I think I personally appreciated the comments about only 60% of the NASDAQ having raised vc to start their businesses the most. I'm more and more impressed with the idea that money isn't everything. It takes heart, creativity, and resolve.

Thanks for sharing!!!

Great video, thanks!

But - can I be a real Jakob and say I wish people still used link names like 'click here to watch the video' instead of using links within paragraphs with no clear indication of what they are linking to? I know we are all pretty web-savvy here, I know I can look at the status bar on hover, but it's a lot kinder...

Hey Guy,

Great video.. wish I could of been there. Would you ever consider touring Australia with your conference?

Also on a side note you may want to check out the blog post I made "People that Matter - Guy Kawasaki"




Guy - note that I am having trouble viewing the video on Veotag. I am currently in a hotel room that has a so-so internet connection. Unlike most sites that play video, I cannot "pause" the Veotag video while it is being downloaded, and then, subsequently play the video. I am forced to hit "Play," it buffers, pause for 6 seconds, plays for about 3 seconds, buffers, pause for 6 seconds, etc.

Not exactly the best way to experience a video.

I recommend that you post this video on YouTube as well.

Couldn't agree more. :) Being a college student, attending one of these conferences could leave a hole in my wallet, so the videos are awesome.

Thanks Guy-

An interesting thing about your blog is how almost every post has a rating of 4, no matter if it is one of your best or kind of average. I wonder if any conclusions can be drawn from this?

That great comic post is only a 4? What do people want anyway?

Keep up the good work.

That's a really good response to Tony Chung's comment Guy! (no sarcasm - I think it's a brilliant way of saying it!)

Hey Guy, love the site. Just out of curiosity, what is the value in paying to come to the conference when you are going to upload the video for us afterwards?

Sorry if that was too direct, just a thought. :-)


Same value as going to game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals versus watching it a week later: You're part of the action. Much of the value of this kind of conference accrues during the breaks and meals.


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