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November 13, 2006

My Trip to Phoenix

Inspired by The Amateur Gourmet’s truffles-centric adventure, I present to you a “comic” based on a recent trip to Phoenix, Arizona. I was there to speak to the Outlook Leadership conference for convenience-store retailers. This was created with Comic Life from Plasq.

While I was there, I asked my hockey buddy, Prof. Steven Strasler, if I could speak to the Project Artemis class at Thunderbird. This is a program to help women entrepreneurs from Afghanistan. If any entrepreneurs complain to me about how hard it is to start a company in the United States, they will get an earful from me.

And since I was going to be at Thunderbird, Steve then asked me to speak to a class in entrepreneurship for the MBA program. All in all, it was a pretty fun twenty-four hours in Phoenix. I have no idea what this post will look like for RSS subscribers, but it can’t be optimal. :-)








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This is Great! I have posted some related sites over here: http://todaytop10.com


Is there a Windows version of Comic Life? If not, are you aware of any other comic strip software?



Great job, Guy!

Can anyone tell me about other blogs with comics like this? I am curious to take a look.

Looks great in netvibes. Loved this post.

this kind of blog entry was great, Guy !
cutting edge blogtainment. :)
Wow !

Guy, where did you get the mike? I'm a real live auctioneer and always looking for a better microphone.
Cool way to blog, but man that's got to be a lot of work.

Two RSS feeds displayed well.

1. My favorite, SharpReader, displays everything true except the MajikWidget was naked code.

2. Surprise RSS reader was IE 7. Nicely displayed without showing MajikWidget, naked or otherwise.


Guy, great post -- any chance you can give up the ghost on the photos/comic comments software? how to? thanks and keep it practical! michael

post looks great in inclue www.inclue.com next time throw us some video :)

I can't believe I missed you here in Phx as well! Women entrepreneurs DO ROCK! Thanks for stopping by!

A simply superb presentation here at Pubcon Las Vegas! Lots of brilliant stuff combined with TV and fast food advocacy - great talk.

Cool. Girl entrepreneurs rule! :)


Looks like a great trip. Thanks for the comic, it give me some fun idea for when I send out the holiday greetings for our company. Cheers!

Dangit - sorry I missed you in Phoenix, but I love the pictures and comic book layout. It is infinitely more entertaining for a "show and tell" like this than boring old regular text and photos.

After seeing Guy's original post about the comics, I was inspired to use the format for step-by-step tutorials on using Adobe software. You can check it out at http://rwillustrator.blogspot.com. I think the format is different, refreshing, and works well.

Loved seeing the female entrepreneurs from Afghanistan! Rockin' it!

Enjoyed the comic book style. Wouldn't want to see it every day but it's a refreshing change.

Guy, did you notice that your safari consisted of two locations, one called Outlook and the other Thunderbird? Thanks, Tiger.

That comic format was fantastic, very nice to read. Made your blog look all hip and urban. Speaking of hip and urban, the portrait I painted of you is still up at eBay. I keep relisting it. My technorati rank is fluctuating between 28,000 and 32,000. I am gaining on you. shake Kawasaki, shake!


RSS is fine with bloglines.

Guy, tell me more about that soccer ball.

We've just launched the first Fair Trade sports ball company in the US, bringing in sports balls from Pakistan that are certified to be fairly traded (e.g. adult workers - not kids - get paid a fair wage for their work).

If you have the contact information for the women who hand-stitched that ball for you, I'd love to see if we can add them to our supplier group.



Cool! I'll tell the people to get in touch with you.



Personally, I would like to see more blogs in comic book style. The "graphic blog" could be trend-setting, and appeal to the masses as did stained glass windows in cathedrals hundreds of years ago. A perfect medium for evangelization. Forget the 10 slides principle, if you can't write your blog in 10 panels, then... ;-D

OK Guy - so how did you (and the Amateur Gourmet before you) do this? Is there software you can use for this. These posts are really cool - informative and entertaining. I'd love to see how it's done!



The first paragraph of the post mentions Plazq and Comic Life as the way I made this. http://plasq.com/



I have no idea what this post will look like for RSS subscribers, but it can’t be optimal. :-)

I don't know about others but it worked fine for me. I use BlogBridge.


Had I known you were coming to Phoenix I would have recommended you eat at the Cornish Pasty Co. www.cornishpastyco.com

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