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November 03, 2006

One of the Cleverest Blog Postings I've Ever Seen


You have to check out this posting on The Amateur Gourmet.

It’s one of the best blog postings I’ve ever seen. (Thank you Leslie Carol Roberts for telling me about it.)

Here are other examples of photo storytelling that shows the power of the medium:

First Annual Zombie Walk in Atlanta, GA

Never Let Go...


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I visited a very interesting site, they have a vast collection of books which have been categories and are presented to viewers in an easy-to-search format. You should check it out.


WOW! what a great, strong visual story-telling. thanks for the link!

I am not a game, I am not a world, I am WOWgame

This cool picture/graphic storytelling form is viral: Sand Hill Road Venture Capitalist about life extension as business:
Cheers, Attila.

brilliant - more power to comic life. thanx for posting this.

I am not a game, I am not a world, I am WOW


Wow!! That was so neat. That is very well done!



I love playing with Comic Life, but hadn't thought of using it for my blog. Great! And definitely just begging to be stolen!

I agree that this format works best when it's kept short. Not every reader is willing to follow comics for too long.

- L

I guess I'm not enough of a foodie to appreciate the posting. I lost interest after the first "page" of comic stuff. And a shame all the text is in the graphic - it'd be hard to find it later via a web search.

Absolutely brilliant. And begging to be stolen.

Another good example of of photo storytelling...


Wow, that is pretty cool! He must have spent FOREVER putting together the artwork and pictures (let alone commentary) to do that. Thanks for deviating from the usual a little and posting this!

Brilliant post, best article on food.

Nice Blog, yes, good Link :)

Comic Life is a great app, isn't it? Apple's been bundling it with the Mac Mini and the iMacs for some time now.


That was absolutely hilarious - nice find Guy and well done Truffle Gods!

Thanks for the link and the kind words!

Great use of visuals to tell the story — it certainly stands out!

And heya, Guy, I must've been hibernating... since when did your blog's name become How to Change the World? I just noticed it in my RSS reader!

Clever, insprired and so funny, indeed !
Just to mention that the app. used to create this photo storytelling is "Comic Life" from Plasq.
An awesome tool all in drag and drop actions with a lot of features to personalize your work.
I've been using it for personnal needs (I create comics books for familly and friends as presents).
It's such a funny way to re-invent stories with your photo library in order to make your characters speak or think far from what they initially spoke or thought ;-)

A lot of clever things on this blog too ! :-)

One of the most creative blog ideas I have seen in a long time.

I had never been to Amateur Gourmet before. Just added it to del.icio.us. :)

wow, what a brilliant idea. I'm going to have to try it.

That's exactly why my wife and I love his blog. Can't wait for his book. (And your next one Guy, of course)

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