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November 19, 2006

The Top Ten Things I Love Most About Woz


Woz and I did a one-on one-chat for the Commonwealth Club on November 16, 2006 as part of his iWoz book tour. (Click here to watch a video of it) It was one of the most enjoyable gigs that I’ve ever done. After the event, I compiled this list of the “Top Ten Things I Love Most About Woz.”

  1. He knows what he is; he knows what he’s not; and he’s comfortable with both. (These are very rare qualities in Silicon Valley.)

  2. His design theory is, “Create what you want to use.”

  3. He is unwaveringly loyal to Apple.

  4. He is unwaveringly complimentary about HP.

  5. He’s proof that it can be advantageous to grow up in a less-than-rich family.

  6. He went back to school long after getting a degree was necessary for him to get ahead in the world.

  7. He taught fifth graders instead of becoming a venture capitalist. (Although these jobs are remarkably similar—it’s just that venture capitalists get paid millions of dollars, fly around in private jets, and expense greens fees.)

  8. He believes that your work/writing/code/design—whatever kind of output—is a personal reflection of your being and a window into your soul.

  9. His idea of a cool product is much more than “I’m creating a niche version of MySpace using APIs and will make money with AdSense.”

  10. He’s generous to a fault.

  11. He thinks that Macintosh’s small market share is proof that it’s an elite computer.

Here are a few pictures from the event. The story of the white laptop is here.


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Hi Guy,

You forgot one thing in your list :
He has forgiven you for having treated the Apple II division so badly when the Apple II was making all the money and the Mac division was spending all the money ;-)

Keep up the good & fine works from yours

Best Regards from France,



I'm not sure that he has. I've never asked him. :-)

Best regards too!


#12. He respected marketing's role in the success of the Apple II launch. (I don't know many engineers that think they *can't* do marketing's job.)

Great video. Really enjoyed hearing all the war stories of Woz as a kid. Didn't have any problem with the Veotag service. Liked the idea that I knew what was coming up and could easily navigate to those parts of the video that I found of interest. Well done.

Number eight is everything!

I'm also experiencing problem viewing video in Veotag. The video streaming pauses every 2 -3 seconds so I simply could not view the video at all. And as the others said, this problem does not happen with other online video systems.

Guy, please use a different service to upload the videos. People working on Linux cannot see those videos as veotag needs Flash9. I prefer Youtube or Google Video, as I can save the videos watch them when I want to. Please shift to a different video hosting service.

[...]The Top Ten Things I Love Most About Woz[...]

Woz is coolest of modern thinker. You just love his philosophy in design, business and in life.

In my opinion the best thing about Woz is that he is genuine

Hey you guys might not know, but Woz is very involved with the FIRST Robotics program www.usfirst.org. He really does inspire the youth of today and helps them achieve greatness. Thanks Woz, we owe you!

Thanks for posting this, Guy! Great interview with insightful thaughts and questions. Really enjoyed watching it.

Speaking of veotag. It works here and I really like being able to jump back to a specific position of a video - especially interesting for non-native speakers who may not understand everything in first place ;-)
Although I noticed small picture issues between tags, too.

Although I like to watch videos offline, too. And with veotag it seems that it isn't that easy to download the video.


Thank you for the fascinating insights. Among the highly successful, Woz (and you) stand out for the manner in which you choose to live your lives.

What is Woz doing next? Startups?

Be nice to see the video on something other than Veotag. I say this because I'd love to watch the video, but for me, at least, Veotag is completely unusable. The video streaming is totally broken - it pauses and starts buffering every few seconds making the video unwatchable. I've never seen this happen with any other system, but it seems a constant problem with Veotag.

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