Last Post of 2006

For the last post of 2006, here is a funny comment from The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs blog: The Days Before PodPhone Twas a few days past Christmas and all through the house, Vista was waiting to hear from your mouse. Jim Allchin retired and bought a nice Mac. He transferred his data and [...]

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“The Top Ten Best (and Worst) Communicators of 2006”

Communications coach Bert Decker just named the ten best and worst communicators of 2006. To whet your appetite, here is the ten worst list: Nancy Grace Barry Bonds Mel Gibson Ray Tillerson Lindsay, Paris, Britney, and Nicole Senator George Allen OJ Simpson Shaquille O’Neal Rosie, Katie, and Meredith George Bush Check out his ten best [...]

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The Entrepreneur’s New Year’s Resolution: “I Will Fix My Pitch”

Here’s a New Year’s resolution for entrepreneurs: ”I will fix my pitch.“ And here’s a suggestion on how to do this written by Bill Reichert, my colleague at Garage Technology Ventures. Endless articles, books, and blogs have been written on the topic of business plan presentations and pitching to investors. In spite of this wealth [...]

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Ten Questions with Marti Nyman

Marti Nyman is “director of global innovation networks” for Best Buy. This means that his job is to find leading-edge, cool stuff for Best Buy—and yes, he gets paid to do this. Marti has held a diverse array of positions in strategic alliances, business development, mergers and acquisitions, business-unit leadership, sales and marketing, manufacturing, and [...]

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The Gift of Giving

In the spirit of Christmas, this entry is dedicated to the gift of giving. I’ve come across a couple of very interesting ways to change the world through philanthropy: First, Unitus. The purpose of Unitus is to fight global poverty by increasing access to microfinance. It accelerates the growth of the world’s highest-potential emerging microfinance [...]

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Evangelism: Eternal Life, Forgiveness, and Operating Systems

A little known story: When I was writing Selling the Dream—How to Promote Your Product, Company, or Idea—and Make a Difference Using Everyday Evangelism, I attended the Billy Graham School of Evangelism to learn from the best. It was a very interesting experience. Some of the finest speakers that I’ve seen (and tried to copy) [...]

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Recruit Kick-Butt People

I added a “Recent Jobs” section to the sidebar on the right side of this blog—I know: monetization is so “Web 1.0.” :-) If you want to advertise a position in this jobs board, it’s only $49 for thirty days (this is an introductory special). I have a highly-qualified readership of people with entrepreneurial, evangelistic, [...]

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Free Calls for Christmas from Jajah

Jajah will provide free global phone service between consumers in eighty countries on Christmas Day. Registered Jajah users will be able to make free calls, conference calls, scheduled calls, and text messages to anyone in the eighty countries even if the recipients are not in registered Jajah users. For example, families can use Jajah to [...]

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Reality Check: Airspun

I love vertical-markets companies and recently learned of one. Airspun, Inc. offers commercial radio airtime to bands and songwriters for the purpose of showcasing their music to genre-targeted radio listeners around the world. Here’s how it works: Bands browse sixty-second airtime slots on radio stations by genre and city. After booking their slot (at prices [...]

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Ten Questions With Aziza Mohmmand

What’s the most inspiring story of entrepreneurship that you’ve heard in 2006? My answer does not involve two guys in a garage who sell their company to Google for $1.6 billion. No answer is a woman who runs a soccer-ball factory in Kabul, Afghanistan. Her name is Aziza Mohmmand, and she told me what [...]

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Oh Come All Ye Associates

Check out this great article in the San Jose Mercury News entitled “Venture Capitalists Switch to Startups—Many Are Surprised By Type of Work.” My two favorite lines from the story are: “I had no idea of the number of details that I’d have to deal with every day...” “I used to sit and nod and [...]

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iPod and Hearing Loss

Pretty soon everyone on the planet will have an iPod. My buddy John Hawbaker of Clarity (part of Plantronics) pointed out this study to me. It’s probably a good thing to read for iPod owners. I have significant hearing loss in one ear (not because of an iPod), and it’s a pain in the ass, [...]

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Ten Questions With Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell

Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell are the co-authors of Citizen Marketers: When People Are the Message. Their first book was called Creating Customer Evangelists: How Loyal Customers Become a Volunteer Sales Force. As business advisors and speakers, McConnell and Huba have worked with Starbucks, Microsoft, Whirlpool, Discovery Education, PBS, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. [...]

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SpinVox: Now All I Want Is Noodles

For the longest time, the only United Kingdom company that I wished was in the United States was Wagamama because I love noodles. (Alas, it’s finally coming to Boston, but I go to London more often than Boston.) My list of UK-envy companies has doubled because SpinVox gave me an account. This company’s service converts [...]

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