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January 24, 2007

Job-a-matic From SimplyHired


I swear I saw something about this already in this blog, but I can't seem to find it. :-)

SimplyHired is announcing a service called “Job-a-matic.” This enables bloggers to easily (ie, adding a snippet of HTML) to their blogs in order to host a jobs board. You can see mine in the sidebar to the right.

In my case, a limited number of jobs appear in the sidebar. People can see all the jobs that employers have placed in my blog by clicking here. Employers can place a job listing by clicking here.

SimplyHired handles these additional pages as well as billing and collecting. Basically, a blogger’s job is to draw the kind of traffic that would attract companies to place ads. It’s another way to monetize a blog.

For more info about Job-a-matic, click here. Garage is an investor in SimplyHired.


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We also offer job listing widgets. The difference is that we do this under a contingency recruiting model, rather than a pay-to-post model . In any tight job market, there is a lot more money to be made in contingency recruiting, than in pay-to-post. In the slack job markets, we offer free job boards. Check out our widgets at

Christopher Lozinski

Making things easy!!! :) Thanks...

Guy-is this the previous post that you mentioned?

>>There should be some sort of standard markup language / XML definition for Jobs and Resumes.


Thanks for this info! I run a career-type website where people write about job interviews and I think this would go perfectly with it.


JobCoin (jobcoin.com) is a similar service. Its worth a look.

Where can you find the "snippet of HTML" to list these on your own site. I cannot see that on the Job-a-matic site anywhere.

There should be some sort of standard markup language / XML definition for Jobs and Resumes.

That way, anyone can keep their most up-to-date resume in this format on their web site or blog.

Similarly, employers can post their most up-to-date job descriptions on their corporate web sites.

Then, Google et al can easily serve up job listings and qualified resumes as easily as they do other specialized content objects on the web (like images, video, news, blog results, etc.).

We'd finally escape the grip of services like Monster.com that gouge us to post job listings ($475!?) and search ($650!?) for candidates.

yeah, this is a good catch. I hope there are more to this one.

Excellent! I'm looking to expand my regional sales team in Q1, and think I'll give this a shot. HR is falling flat on their face.

Let me bet in few months we can expect something like this:

Performancing Partners to close

I'm sad to tell you that Partners has to close. While I have every faith it could have worked, it wasn't going to happen fast enough. Without more money invested it wasn't going to happen at all.

Any ads currently in the system will continue to run until the end of the month at which time the ad code will stop working. Please take your ad code down from your templates then. Remaining ad time will of course be refunded.

This news is surely not going to be popular. All I can say is thank you to all the publishers and advertisers who tried the service and to all the people in the forums who provided feedback and ideas. I am gutted I couldn't have some time to act on your suggestions.




Bad luck about that, but nice catch before it got out of hand.

will surely check this job posting out.

Guy, I really think this is a good catch on your part. Out of all the companies you back, this seems to have the most potential.

Good luck.

Guy, maybe you read this on TechCrunch earlier?

did you try tha cheese soup with popcorn? it's very good, eh?

Most of my highschool physics and math teatchers were neisei Japanese Americans who grew up in MN during the war years. I am forever indebted to one, Deni Uejima, for fueling my interests in writing about technology.
Be well, Guy.
jim F

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