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January 30, 2007

My Trip to Quebec


Continuing on from Minnesota, I went to Québec for the Garage Canada conference. The Winter Carnival was also going on at the same time. I thought Minnesota was cold, but it was downright balmy compared to Québec. Despite the -40 degree weather, I found many parallels between Québec and my native states of Hawaii and California.

page 13.jpg
page 14.jpg

Photo credit: Lesa Moore for the King Kamehameha picture.


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thanks for all..

I miss the snow every time I see pictures like these.

The text over the photos is OK, but arrows are not really easy to see. There are tools on the Web to make photo mark-up nice and easy (and I'm honestly biosed to Spresent)

Here is the link to presentation made from these photos:

Guy, if you want to replace photos in the blog with embedded slide show - just let me know. Background music is an option too.

Too bad you aren't in Quebec for our first blogger meeting!

Would have been awesome to have you as a guest!

Next time perhaps!

Glad to see you enjoyed the cold and the snow!


when does the Garage Roadshow hit London town? It would be great to see you in the UK.

Cool and nice pictures !

Nice pictures! I am sure glad you enjoyed it here...Thanks a million for your presence at Startup!

Wow you got to meet Patrick Roy!?!

Great pics ! What software or service do you use for the montage ?

You're giving me ideas and I migth swing by the Carnaval this week-end. We went last year with my Californian girlfriend (her first winter here) and she's been having hot dreams about Bonhomme Carnaval ever since. That or Ottawa for a skate on the Rideau Canal.

If you're ever in Montreal and up for a game of shinny, let me know.



Will do, but I'm done for travel in Canada until March. Thawing...

I used Comic Life plus Skitch to make these photo essays.


The cold weather keeps us focused and looking for ways to get that break through company acquired so we can spend more time in warm climates.

Bummer that i missed the conference - did not know about it.

Maybe you should add a speaking events section to your blog...

Welcome to Quebec, tabarnac!

What I love about your blog is that you not only write interesting things, but you clearly express how much fun you have writing them.

We have an interesting controversy brewing on our site with a lively dialog regarding Clear Channel removing a billboard advertisement we had placed. Would be interested in your opinion if you can find the time to visit: www.msco.com/blog/mark-stevens-vs-warren-buffet
Chris Kieff, Editor Unconventional Thinking

I'm sure that there are at least a few dozen people like Jean-Francois who didn't know about the Garage Canada conference and had they known they'd probably attend it (and not just comment on it on blogs).

Isn't it funny? We get news on the Internet from newswires, blogs, RSS feeds, Google, Yahoo!, etc. etc. and yet we still miss on vital information that may "change our world" (to use Guy's blog title).

Maki Papadopoulos

P.S. Unfortunately, Canada's Venture Capital Community didn't "know" about the Garage Canada event announcement either... Otherwise, I wouldn't have missed it either!


Great pix. But -6 degrees is positively warm. You should come to Canada when it gets really cold! Try mid February in Ottawa. It rarely gets above - 20 degrees C.

great pix Guy.
Looking forward to meeting you in Kelowna, we are putting together a great hockey game for you. See you in Napa North.

Geez, -40. I would sew you a "survivor" tag but I'm having trouble putting the thread through the loop.

Startup-Canada, a 3 day event with you speaking, I would have liked to see that. Too bad I learned about it just after it happened. At first I was really angry at myself for missing something that should have been obvious. But I told myself I screwed up, it must be all over the place, I just didn’t look hard enough.

Last year I even checked out Garage Canada website to see if I should contact them for my start-up, it was certainly there. Then I realized they where no mention of the event when I checked the site. So I checked Google. How many mention of the term startup-canada : 521 and how many pages links to the official page : 0 (you can check link:www.startup-canada.com). Ok maybe it wasn’t that obvious you where around the corner last week. I guess you didn’t have much to do about that, but I missed a golden opportunity to listen to you. In part because I wasn’t listening, but mostly because some people where not talking very loud.

Anyway, sorry I missed you.

Nice to remember the old place. I studied medicine at the University of Laval in Ste. Foy (By the Big PIerre La Porte Bridge coming over the St. Lawrence River). Pierre was assassinated by FLA Separatists who were allowed to flee Quebec and who went to live in Cuba.

Let me remember the names of the places:

Loews Le Concorde on the Grand Allee.
Artillery Park on the Plains of Abraham- I lived on Rue Turnbull not far from the Port St. Pierre at the end of the Grad Allee.
Colisee Pepsi, Must be where I used to go see the Quebec Nordiques get beat by the Detroit Red Wings (on every occasion I went to see these two teams play)
The Famous Ice Hotel!!!
The Funiculaire, from down by the River up to the Hotel Fontanac- Great view of the River there and the tobaggan there (tobaggans are wood sleds with the wood curled up in front to keep the snow out. (for the Hawaians who don't understand what snow is).

Down at the Original Quebec Village (1600's).

Quebec is a nice place, the most European Place in North America. Except for the fact that they don't respect the International Convention of the Hague Against Child Abduction and allow, like the Arab Countries, people to abduct children there. I know, my son was abducted from Lausanne, Switzerland to Charlesbourg, P.Q. Really Corrupt Judiciary and Government there who does not repect the International Convention of the Hague Against Child Abduction.

that's hilarious. i went to quebec with my texan girlfriend a few weeks ago. she freaked. :) too bad i missed you though, a few other montreal people went, so it would've been a nice trip.

Sounds like a fun trip - get any hockey in while you were there?


No, I sent back my equipment from Minnesota. I had a flight that went Brainerd-Detroit-Quebec, and I just didn't want to take the chance of my skates getting lost.

Bummer. There was an outdoor rink near the hotel.


Nice photos! I love Québec city! :)

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