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January 26, 2007

SpinVox Comes to the US


There are very few products that I depend on more than SpinVox. This service translates voicemail to text and then sends a text message to your phone and/or an email to your computer.

SpinVox is currently introducing this service to the US. As an introductory offer, the first 250 people can get the service for free by sending an email to spinx@spinvox.com with “Guy Kawasaki” in the subject line. US only.

If you get a lot of voicemail, it will change your life.


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» SpinVox: The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread from MattSingley.com
I signed up with SpinVox over the weekend, thanks to a post from Guy Kawasaki. What is SpinVox? Well, you should go to their website to check it out, but a quick summary is this: it converts your voice mail [Read More]


I hadn't planned on commenting, but I must come to Guy's defense. Unless you too, write a daily blog among other efforts, then cut Guy some slack.
On my own blog I try to come up with something different and interesting each day. I've only been at it a few months though; I can't imagine what next year will be like.
Rather than slam Guy or talk about unsubscribing (which only hurts you), why don't you provide your top ten list of things you'd like to see Guy write about. I'm sure he'd welcome the ideas and you'd get to read more things you're interested in from Guy's perspective.

Neil McDonnell

Thanks for the heads up and opportunity.

Being a former hockey player and a Minnesotan, I enjoyed your photos from your recent visit to the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Come on people, Guy is still the man.
Guy - thank you for your blog and continued work to pass along tools and advice.
Best wishes

You people need to take a look at this site:

Guy provides a fantastic service with his blog. Be thankful for the generous knowledge and advice that you are getting for free.

I share the ideas of those that wish to drop-out. Somehow, the blog started to get "uninterresting" in the last few weeks. Are you ill or having "hang-downs"?
Get back to the expected "Guy Kawasaki" climate soon.
Kind regards,
Vedat Cakmak, Istanbul


I find it interesting that you are so excited about Spinvox coming to the US when SimulScribe is the first and largest company in the US doing voicemail to text.

Regardless we will offer ALL of your readers a free account on SimulScribe. All they need to do is email theUSleader@simulscribe.com.


Maybe you've been hacked, anyway I'm unsubscribing too

best regards

I use simulscribe.com. It's great! Same kind of service. Why would I choose spinvox over simulscribe?

mmm.. anyway, I met these spinvox guys in the UK last year and their demo was great. What was really surprising was that they built their own voice recognition software. I repeat, built their own.

I like book "The aret of Start" and I likeed Guy Kawasaki but this blog looks like that is sold to somebody who is real asshole.

I am deleting subscription for this blog and I have to say this blog is one of the biggest disappointments I had lately.

I refuse to believe that this is Guy Kawasaki.

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