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January 25, 2007

Ten Questions With Donald Trump


Donald J. Trump is a graduate of the Wharton School of Finance and started his business career in an office he shared with his father. In August of 2006, Mr. Trump was voted by BusinessWeek magazine as “the world’s most competitive businessperson.”

In New York City, the Trump signature is synonymous with the most prestigious of addresses, among them the world-renowned Fifth Avenue skyscraper, Trump Tower, the Trump International Hotel & Tower, voted the best U.S. Hotel by Conde Nast Traveler, Trump World Tower at the United Nations Plaza, 40 Wall Street, and Trump Park Avenue.

In a departure from his real estate acquisitions, Mr. Trump and the NBC Television Network are partners in the ownership and broadcast rights for the three largest beauty competitions in the world: the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA Pageants. He is also the star and executive producer of the hit television series, “The Apprentice,” which has received national and worldwide attention. In the summer of 2004, his radio program on Clear Channel made its debut and broke all syndication records.

Mr. Trump has authored seven books, all of which became bestsellers. Trump Magazine was launched in 2004, Trump University Online in 2005, and the Donald J. Trump licensing program. In 2006, GoTrump.com, an online travel agency, made its debut, as did Trump Productions in Los Angeles.

  1. Question: If you, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Herb Kelleher and Larry Ellison got marooned on a desert island, who would end up running the place and who would end up as dinner?

    Answer: We would find a way to order in and have a productive meeting at the same time.

  2. Question: How long would Larry and Sergei, the co-founders of Google, last on your show?

    Answer: That would depend on whether they were good team players and if they had an original idea or two.

  3. Question: Would you fire your son or daughter?

    Answer: Yes, if they deserved it, but fortunately they are well prepared for their positions, so I doubt they would ever merit being fired.

  4. Question: What do you do to chill out?

    Answer: Playing golf provides me with my version of chilling out, plus I develop golf courses, so it’s a productive way to spend my chill time.

  5. Question: At the end of our life, what do you want to be remembered for?

    Answer: As a builder who has enhanced the cities and communities where I have built and/or developed.

  6. Question: What’s the difference between the Donald Trump on “The Apprentice” and the Donald Trump in every day business meetings?

    Answer: Business meetings are more about negotiation skills whereas “The Apprentice” falls into the job interview or audition category. I have business meetings with people who are looking to do business, not people who are looking for a job. My attitude on “The Apprentice” is as an employer looking at possible future employees. I don’t look to mold any of my business associates.

  7. Question: If you could apprentice with anyone in history, who would it be?

    Answer: My father was a great mentor. He’d be hard to replace.

  8. Question: Not many people make billions, lose billions, and then make billions all over again. How did you pull this off?

    Answer: To me it was a blip, not a catastrophe. I knew I was destined to succeed, and I kept focused on that belief. I’m very tenacious...and I don’t give up.

  9. Question: If you graduated from Wharton in 2006 instead of in the 1960s, what industry would you go into?

    Answer: Real estate. I love it and it still exists as a career and as a viable passion.

  10. Question: What do you think of two guys in a garage showing amateur videos selling out for $1.7 billion?

    Answer: I’d say they had a great idea—my hat’s off to them.

  11. Question: TV is TV, real life is real life: What’s the most important real-life advice you can give to an entrepreneur?

    Answer: You have to love what you do. Without passion, great success is hard to come by. An entrepreneur will have tough times if he or she isn’t passionate about what they’re doing. People who love what they’re doing don’t give up. It’s never even a consideration. It’s a pretty simple formula.


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Could you possibly provide me with an email address for the speaker from my Donald Trump Seminar that cost about $1500. ??
The speaker was Steve Clements or Clemons, never was exactly sure? anyway I am still working on R.E. and I love it? But I want to email the speaker from the seminar? is that possible?

Who is Guy? Deos he have an email address for Trump?
Please advise.

Does anyone know of an emial address that I can use to contact Mr. trump?
New Orleans LA

I have a suggestion for you, Donald. I know that you like to make money and improve the world. Who doesn't?

I see that you are building a "Trump" tower in Toronto - an already prosperous place where your capital gain may just be in the negative range should finance and high-tech be shipped off to India just as Canadian manufacturing has been shipped off to anywhere during the last 50 years.
Have you ever considered investing in a poorer place but one having a fantastic location and possibilities and one that no one seems to have invested in or even thought of during the last 50 years which is most of my lifetime ?
I suggest that you look down the road about 67 km away in Hamilton. Yes, the seemingly grimy burg that Torontocentrics love to berate. Have you ever thought that you could buy up the entire downtown of a city of 520 000 - a 17 storey hotel went for four million in 2004! More importantly, you could buy up the entire CN switching yards on the waterfront and convert this to a new downtown, right on the water in the middle of a city which is in the middle of the Golden Horseshoe which has all four modes of transportation at your door.
You could influence the city to reopen the Perimeter Highway proposal which has been shelved and would have gone right through the property. Common sense says that the road is badly needed to relieve traffic from downtown streets, traffic which helps to destroy our downtown. You could build the the multi-billion dollar city right over top of this road so it would not ruin the beautiful scenery that is already there.
Please take time to check out this location thoroughly and I will guarantee that you will see the same potential that I have seen for decades.

Yours truly,

David Wootton

Hey Guy,

I liked the interview, especially the part were you asked him about what he does to chill out. After I read his response I was thrilled because I have a great idea of a golf course that would 'change the world of golf', that I would like to present him or his representatives. What can I do to acomplish that.

Does Donald Trump give money to 1st time business investments

Few useful things can be learned from that answers.
Thanks for the opportunity.

Hey there Mr. Trump,
I for one am now your biggest fan because I saw you on my 2nd favorite T.V show WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW and heard that you had a business proposal for Mr. Vincent Kennady McMahon. When I first heard this I thaught; "HE's PROBALLY GONNA BUY WWE OR PART OF IT because you are RICHER than VKM. But instead you challenged VKM in a hair vs hair match at WRESTLEMANIA 23, where you pick a represntative (BOBBY LASHLEY) and VKM picks a represntative (UMAGA) to fight in your place at Wrestlemaina 23. I'm basically on the edge of my seat waiting to see Vince Get HIS SHAVED BALD. So I was wondering if that maybe if you get a chance you could e-mail me back and we could talk business about what you might want to do to really get the rest of the WWE fans on your side. So please Mr. Trump e-mail me back before Wrestlemaina 23.

Your Biggest Fan,

Jason Maltese

Guy ~

I really enjoyed this article - and LOVE the last Q/A about following one's passion.

I've done *a lot* of different things in the 30 years that I've been in business - and it wasn't until 3 years ago when I finally took the chance to pursue that which I truly loved, the arts, that I began to thrive.

The risk was palpable, and it was the best dive off a cliff edge I've ever taken.

Thank you - and thank you Donald!


Good read!

- Steven Burda, MBA

Mr. Trump I have a project of a game on table of baseball that is unique in the world and wanted to present it to it, and not the way to contact its offices. mail: felixmoya@gmail.com

Donald Trump is the ultimate barterer. Anytime you can trade the use of your name to condo developers for an equity position worth hundreds of millions you're thinking out of the box. It's a business tool used by some of the smartest and most successful business people in the world.

People! You simply cannot support Trump's model or actions. What the Apprentice does for a large naive community of would-be entrepreneurs and executives is communicate that a lack of grace is how business in conducted. The Apprentice just deepens the bigotry that America is vulgar. We must ask Warren Buffet, Bill Gates or Lance Secretan to launch a rivalling show. Granted Richard Branson tried but it was just silly. And Trump's recent bout with Rosie, Kelly Ripa and Barbara Walters just confirms that he is a social baffoon. Frankly, perpetual bragging of his goods, his money, is plain vulgar. (Let's have a serious look at his balance sheet). Please America dismiss this as a "TV Personality"--not a business model. Remember we are in an era when gov't systems are shrinking and capitalism is taking over. Do you wish to be managed by the likes of Donald Trump? The Trumpster has hurt his brand. The ratings on the Apprentice have dropped. Why? Because the illusion of the leader archetype is now muddled.
I don't like the idea of personal brands because it robs that human being of his/ner own expression. In this case the Trumpster brand or illusion defied his true character. Trump is now himself and perhaps joining the ranks of Jerry Springer and Howard Stern in his appeal. There is so much to think about here but certainly not whether Trump is an ideal to model. Please!

Sorry to see *any* promotion for him on this site. Aside from whatever business skills he may have he is an overtly nasty human being.

Short and simple answers, very Trump. A little vague, though. We could learn a bit about this "ultrapreneur", could we?

If you happen to speak spanish, pay my blog a visit.

Since when does Donald Trump use e-mail? I've read that Trump doesn't even use a telephone because he prefers doing business in person. But perhaps that's just for business.

The two most interesting aspects of this interview to me were:

1. Trump replied via e-mail to Guy.
2. The interview was leadership-oriented.

The bottom line of Donald Trump's philosophy is, "Be persistent about your passion." That's certainly a basic idea to me, but maybe that approach is not something everyone knows how to do and how to do it well.

To those knocking the interview, look closer at Trump's answers. There is valuable insight to be gleaned.

Its probably more nausea and fatigue than hate. I admire Trump in many respects. I even watched the Apprentice the first few seasons. But he has some behavior problems too.

Hey Guy,

You know what this bunch of comments reminds me of? One of the most useful insight I took from you: POLARIZE PEOPLE. Don't try to create a product to please everybody. It's just not possible! In that regard, Trump has done a magnificent job. Some love him. Some hate him to death. But you can't ignore him, right? And when it comes to the billionnaire lifestyle, who is most likely to dominate the conversation?

Hey don't hate guys. Donald Trump is a billionnaire. He makes a lot of money by apllying his art of the deal every single day to every single aspect of his existence. He keeps it simple. Is that what bothers you? I love the comment of H Taylor dissing this 13 year old kid who criticizes Carlos Santana because he plays too easy notes. Damn! All of you guys gathered would not be able to create a company that would make a profit 10 years from now with all the VC money of the Valley. I'm sure most of you wouldn't be able to sell limonade in the desert. Give me a break. What is it that you hate in him? His personality? His in your face style? His ability to extend his brand name to lots of stuff that have nothing to do with real estate? Then hate Richard Branson and Virgin too. Damn! This guy is worth more money than you and your ancestors alltogether all the way up to Jesus...c'mon guys, be serious. You find real estate not sexy? You admire more Ben & Jerry because they make ice cream? I don't get it. Now, let me get it straight: Trump is not my hero. But I admire his legacy. Who wouldn't be proud of having a Tower with his name on it on one of the most famous avenue in the world

All my interviews are done via email including most interviews of me. I've found that this both the only way I can get to many people and that it is much easier to edit email than a transcription.

This interview in particular was done in the following way: I sent my questions to someone in his organization, his writer met with him, and he told her what his answers were.


Say what you will about Trump, but he is certainly feisty, a success, and has the money to prove it all...

Every one of Guy's 10Q interviews has been done by email, as far as I'm aware. And I don't remember the last time he's done only 10 questions, either.

Haven't we heard enough from this gentleman?

For lack of a more eloquent way of saying this: "Why all the hatin' on Trump?" It sounds much like my stepson telling me that Carlos Santana isn't a great musician because the notes he plays are simple. This from a 13 year old who has owned a guitar for a month, can't read music and knows how to play less than 30 seconds of any song.

Trump, like him or not, has accomplished more than most, and is successfully branching out into traditional business industries although, I have to wonder "what's with the beauty pageants?"

My guess is the interview was by e-mail, or Trump would have had a LOT more to say :) Actually, I am hoping that one day Trump will do a "sit down" interview with Guy. Guy has a way of asking truly thought-provoking insightful questions, that bring out real information.

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