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February 19, 2007

"Wise Guy" in Entrepreneur Magazine


Beginning in the March, 2007 issue, entries from my blog are appearing in Entrepreneur Magazine. The title of my column is “Wise Guy.” Please tell your friends and colleagues who aren’t blog readers that the “best of” my blog now appears in print.


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Great column, as expected! However, did you read that article a few pages back from yours about the guy who "acts young to attract young employees"? He even suggested hiring an image consultant. Too bad that section wasn't called "People who don't get it". Reading that made we want to punch myself in the face until my eyes didn't work anymore.

Nice! More people outside of the blog readers should hear How to Change the World.


Wow. My husband & I have a subscription to Entreprenuer magazine. I read your first column...not knowing that it was going to be a column. :-)

I totally agreed with what you said in the column. I see people exaggerating the truth in business all the time...especially in matters where they will easily be found out.

Whatever happened to being humble & that getting you somewhere??? It still does sometimes. :-)

Congrats Guy!

Not surprised at all, you are the perfect Guy for the job ;-)

I like the blog format better, (1)it is free (I am cheap).
(2) It is fast and updated (check any time as my heart desire...no brain indeed). right at the finger tip.
(3) It is like street vendor noodle dish = comfort food... if presented in a full service restaurant, the comfort level might be a bit of less (just think about to dress up to go with rich and famous...haaa).
(4) Sure, the rich and famous should get some spice noodle for a change. I am sure your new format will deliver a punch or two (more the better...hehehe). give some reality check to the VC/entre intra-preneurship alike would be the best.
Congratulations as all the others say.
Please keep bloging 1st (selfish thoughts)... thanks.

Hi guy, how are you doing? I still am going to beat you to technorati top ten...I'm at 3355 rank now!!!

Um and the portrait I painted of you is still up at eBay...



It's my first year blog birthday, just thought I'd drop by and give you a hug!!!


That's funny... on one hand we have people like Om Malik going from print to blogging and you going from blogging to print.

Now, who's gonna be first to make it to TV on a regular basis?

congrats! I like the column title :)

don't forget to post the top ten lies of VC's in your next column!

I surprisingly saw this while reading in the bathroom last night. Well Done. Definitely adds some life to the Entrepreneur magazine.

That's awesome. Will it be available online as well, from the Entrepreneur Magazine website?

Congratulations on the good work

Congrats, Guy. This is a nice touch by Entrepreneur and I'll be curious to see if the hard copy leads a significant number of readers to the blog.

Hi guy,
By the way, did you know that lulu.com or blurb.com offers a service to publish your blog posts into 1 beautiful printed book.

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