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March 24, 2007

Coming to Canada!

OSTEC .jpg

I’m making a speech next week (March 29th) in Kelowna, BC for the Okanagan Science and Technology Council’s “2007 Silicon Vineyard Innovation Awards.” If any of you are in the area, I hope you can make it.


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i like when ppl talking about canada so great things i am from other country but i like to visit canada :) specialy when ppl talking so great things..

I haven't been to Canada,but i really want to visit it.lots of friends told me it's so beautiful and crazying.

OMG,i can't help going....

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Was reading your blog today, and it's going on top of my list.

I'm sorry I missed you in Canada. Next time, I guess.

Bruce D'Sena

It was great to have you speak at OSTEC. Laughed hard, sorry you were sick. You made alot of converts that night...thanks again.

I think you'll have a great time here in Kelowna. The weather is getting warmer and I am sure you will enjoy the Okanagan atmosphere. I look forward to meeting you and hearing you speak!

Guy, It is a wonderful idea to announce your talk. I won’t be able to make it to this one, but at least I won’t miss you again on the east coast. Like the Garage Canada event in January…

You had a nice layout which was easy on the eye to read...now you have it crowded with too many links - digg, fark etc..etc..

Can you make these links a little less intrusive to the fantastic material that you produce?

Guy - when are you coming to Ontario?

Hi Guy,

Looking forward to seeing you here in Kelowna. The Okanagan Valley is a great summer town. I hope that you've scheduled some time for visiting some of our fantastic wineries. I hear that you're also playing in a pick-up game of hockey?

3 hours away in Castlegar, BC, it's looking tempting, wait damn, moving into our new house that day!

Enjoy the trip, if you're coming through Castlegar, drop me a line.

Oh gosh, I hope you have a great time, Guy! I won't be able to make it, which is all the sadder because it's like my childhood backyard!

I'm curious tho, how did they select you? They have good taste. :)

Hah, too far west for me to make it. How about beautiful Northern Ontario, where the world's best maple syrup is just starting to flow?


Kelowna is very nice. You'll love it.

Kelowna is the most beautiful spot in BC. Take Beth with you. My wife and I visited there a year ago when I was doing training for the Willow Creek Association Canada. Be sure to visit Mission Hill Vineyard... it was the highlight of the trip for us!

Guy, have a great time in Kelowna. It is my home town. Make sure you enjoy some of the great wines the area has to offer. Hope you have a great trip! Looking forward to some photos when you return. :)

Not that it's terribly close to Kelowna, but are you planning on coming through Vancouver? If so, I'd be happy to tour you around Relic Entertainment/THQ Canada (videogame studio).

Hey Guy Bon Voyage!!!!, I hope post about this event in your blog..the name "Silicon Vineyard..." is very interesting, I live in Chile South America and the wine is a really good product, some of them are "Melchor" Wine of Concha y Toro and "Almaviva" of Almaviva Vineyards the last is a Joint Venture between Concha y Toro and Baron Philippe de Rotchschild


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