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March 11, 2007

Microsoft Small Business Summit


On Monday, March 19th at 11:00 am Pacific Time, I will be speaking on The Art of Innovation at the Microsoft Small Business Summit. This is a FREE online event that lasts for five days. There are approximately fifty eight sessions designed to provide small business owners with strategic insights from experts in business and technology.

Topics include managing finances, sales and marketing, customer retention, and computer security. According to Microsoft, it is the largest virtual event for small business ever presented in the United States. You can register online for my keynote and any of the other fifty eight sessions. Hope you can make it!


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No you didn't mis-read that. Guy is talking at Microsofts' 5 day Small Business Summit starting today [Read More]


I had some ideas that I need to talk to Microsoft about but I don't know how. If you can help please write me.

My cousin attended and said it was a fantastic presentation. I've recommended the Guy presentations on youtube and in person to the small businesses community. Guy doesn't get enough credit with the greater small business network. His lessons apply to any business not just the tech community. Artists, Service Providers, Retailers.. everyone has something to gain.

Great job on the presentation Guy! Loved the little bit of Microsoft/Google tension in the Q&A. I need that pitch or variant at least once a year to help get me going. I also blogged about it in reference to our upcoming Boise ID "Kickstart" entrepreneur event. For reference, Guy was the original keynote speaker at our premier event in 2005 and got us off to a great beginning. We're heading into our third year in April.

Great presentation. I laughed and learned at the same time. Thanks!

great presentation guy!!

cheers from puerto rico


Thanks. Really enjoyed today's presentation. Can I get Moonbeams contact info?

Thanks again,

- Andrew

i shall most certainly be looking into how to attend this
im not familiar with online "events"

Congratulations Guy, I am glad to see this kind of event online. Web-based training is continuing to grow in acceptance and innovation -- I am all about that! I am sure you will make your presentation creative. Don't just inform, but inspire the attendees!


Gk, are you going to get to meet Bill Gates? Can you ask him about the release date for the Zune Phone.


Will you travel all the way to Israel? That would be a blast!

Place your bets on how many people will come here and call Guy a sellout. My bet is 12. Closest to the mark gets free tickets with a hot chick to The Killers, courtesy of MatchTwits.com.

Hey Guy It was good to see your name as a presenter. Its been what, three years since you were here last? I met you at NWEN about that time. Welcome back and hopefully the clouds break for you. I will look you up I have something for you.



Though it's not the best time to be visiting Seattle, I am sure you will have a blast. I have been a big follower of your blog almost since day 1 and would love to get a chance to finally meet you. Are you open to attending an informal evening drinks break where a few Seattle entrepreneurs get to meet you and pick your brain? If yes, drop me an email at mayur [at] peeridol.com and I will work with the Seattle startup community to arrange it.

Welcome to the NW.


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