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March 18, 2007

More TED Talks Are Available


More TED Talks are now online—though not the ones from this year. The last time I blogged about TED Talks, I made that claim that Majora Carter was as good as Steve Jobs and that created a controversy.

One of my favorites is Richard St. John’s. It’s from 2005, but it’s still highly relevant. He gives a great definition to CRAP. The quality of these videos is so high that you will be thanking BMW for sponsoring them and won’t mind the BMW ad in the beginning.

(Thanks to Bill Meade for pointing out these videos.)


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I have just come across this for the first time today and started to look more into it. I have found a lot of the talks to be very interesting. A few have given me a lot of insight into things and even more of them are just as entertaining as they are informative. I would like to find more of these out there, but have been having a hard time finding others to the same level that these are. The others I have come across lack the level of information and they tend to drone on about the same thing for 3 pages and get nothing finalized by the end of the talk. Are there other out there that I am missing that I could find that are like the ones that you have told us about? I would appreciate any help you could give.

It can't be only my mind that is conditiond to ignore these as being 'previously visted' links. I know it isn't always the case, but I tend to associate blue = unvisited, red/red-like colours = visited.

How smart of BMW. They couldn't have picked a better podcast/vcast sponsorship. This content is so awesome it will live online (and remain on my iPod) for quite some time.

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I was looking through your blog...tought you might also like the PopCasts from PopTech


charles leadbeater's talk

i make everyone i meet stop what they're doing, sit down, and watch this video. it's quite possibly the most important thing you'll do this week. although ken robinson's video is so true that it almost made me cry the first time i watched it. the truth is amazingly powerful stuff.

I love these talks.

I recommend that you ALL watch Sir Ken Robinson's talk. It's message is close to my heart as I work in Education. It really does make you think about how we are teaching young people. Also very funny, to a 'Brit' anyway!
Sir Ken Robinson

Secondly, Ze Frank's talk is very funny.
Ze Frank

Hope you are all OK over the pond! Take care.

Content aside (and it's usually amazing) these videos are great to watch for anyone who ever presents in public. Lots to learn by watching the various styles of some of the best in the business.


Anyone who can get their point across in 3 minutes knows how to give a presentation! Great stuff..........

Guy, we've worked with TED to put all of last year's talks and some from years prior in one embeddable player that will be automatically updated throughout the year. You can see and grab that player via http://tinyurl.com/2e286o


Love your site but I have to say considering you do so many excellent posts about web/business/design it surprises me that unvisited links appear 'red' on your site.

It can't be only my mind that is conditiond to ignore these as being 'previously visted' links. I know it isn't always the case, but I tend to associate blue = unvisited, red/red-like colours = visited.

I have been following Ted talks for quite some time now. It is the kind of info you want to keep for yourself ;).
You are generous letting people know about it!
Thanks taking 1 min. to reply to me on the subject of Trendirama.com.
We are getting better and better every day...

Best regards
Javier Marti

Majora Carter's talk was phenomenal. I think she might even be better than Steve.

We need a world with more people like her in it.

I am also a fan of TEDTalks and Majora Carter's talk was particularly impactful. Steven Levitt and Malcom Gladwell were great too fromm 2004. Your news is new to me, so I'm heading that way.

How smart of BMW. They couldn't have picked a better podcast/vcast sponsorship. This content is so awesome it will live online (and remain on my iPod) for quite some time.

They release new videos every 1 - 4 weeks. The most recent have been there for a number of weeks now.

New ones are due soon I imagine.

I was all excited when I read your post, I love these videos, but it was not to be.

I guess new is a relative term.


Yes I think Jim is right...

Call me crazy, but I think the videos posted at http://www.ted.com/tedtalks/ have been there since before TED2007.

They say 2007 in the headline, but they're from previous events.


You're absolutely right. I just looked at the posting dates. These are from previous TEDs. I changed the blog post's text to be more accurate because even the old stuff is good, but it's not what I thought it was.



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