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April 04, 2007

Trendhunter Rocks!

TREND HUNTER - Trend Spotting, Cool Hunting and Innovation Trends.jpg

I love the Internet because I wake up every day and discover something cool. Today’s discovery is TrendHunter, a site that recruits people around the world to spot trends. Here are some examples:

Some of the stuff is so weird that I thought that it had to be created by someone Japanese (yes, I can say that), but it’s a good Canadian who’s behind it all. I don’t see why this site shouldn’t be as popular as TechCrunch, Engadet, and Boing Boing and Gizmodo.

Addendum: Check out Springwise for a “daily fix of entrepreneurial ideas.” Thanks to Mark Newman of HireVue.


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I can totally relate to this, Guy - I find something cool and unseen all the time as well, which I love to spend a lot of time online.

My last awesome finding is http://www.dreaminder.com

no breath for this one

Yikes. I guess Martin doesn't like TrendHunter. I've messaged him for more detailed feedback, but unfortunately I guess it is tough to please everyone.

I did want to address that my “Unlocking Cool” PowerPoint on SlideShare is a user's manual made for my trend hunter community about how to use Trend Hunter for innovation. So the content is intentionally linked to the site.

If anyone has feedback for me about TrendHunter or the presentation, I am in a constant state of development and I welcome feedback to be sent to me HERE.

He has a PPT posted on slideshare and it is not only 89 slides but it is terrible- nothing but shameless self-promotion poorly done. The site seems like a hack version of coolhunting created solely for the purpose of making a buck. Compare to engadget, boing, etc., which manage to make a buck (or two) without insulting our intelligence.
Sorry, I'm not with you on this one...


Fun site! Another one I keep up with is Trend Watching

- Eric

I skimmed through TrendSpotter & SpringWise, but they're way too busy for me. memepool.com has a far better signal to noise ratio. I can't stand to look at the other ones for any length of time.


Hey Guy,

Great site. I started an account and I can honestly say it's a great time trend hunting. This site is going to be one of the next big things.


I recently have been reviewing a new website spotting trends in the stock market that is breadth based and I must say in my 30+ years involved in the markets this is just about the best tool I've found, thought I'd pass it along, here's the url -



Also its worth checking www.luxurylaunches.com

Hi Guy,
I am regular reader of your blog.
Everytime i read i find something interesting and useful.
There is one more good website and i think better in some aspects similar to trendhunter i.e. www.springwise.com


yes you are rigth, internet is amazing, you can learn a lot, i also learn something new from and i love it

Pretty cool sites - checking out Springwise right now. Isn't it amazing that we actually get any work done with these important finds on the Internet?

Jason Alba
CEO - JibberJobber.com

I agree, the Internet is great, even better than democracy ;-)

PS Does any famous hockey player write a blog?

I've been more impressed with www.buzzfeed.com -- they use AI rather than user submission in most cases, which I think makes the results more comprehensive and less subjective.

Thanks Guy!

You should also checkout www.springwise.com these guys have a network of spotters who find really awesome things and feature one everyday. They have a weekly newsletter that everyone should be subscribed to.

We (HireVue) got featured one day with our video job interviews, still get traffic from it and in all have received about 10,000 hits from it. It's better than TIME.


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