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May 23, 2007

Guy Is Nude No More

I recently visited the worldwide headquarters of Threadless in Chicago and took a boatload of pictures. I’ve been to the offices of many startups, but few compare to Threadless’s offices in coolness.

Walls covered with graffiti.

An “office” in an Airstream trailer for recording podcasts.

Inside the office recording a podcast.

Interior offices.

Multiple ways to kill/maim/amuse yourself with motor vehicles.

Many ways to amuse yourself when you need a break.

Various macabre things.

Lots of things lying around


Various parts of the human anatomy.

Even some shirts.

The world’s largest non-retailer collection of coffee flavors.

The Threadless sticker collection.

My debut as a model.

The shirt is called “Sacrifice,” and it was designed by David Habben


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Very cool pics, that looks like a fun place to work.

I now know where I should be working.

Doesn't this company have a store in Las Vegas? If not, the shirts are still cool stuff.

I was worried about the dog too!!!!!

What a great environment to work in. I am afraid it won't work in my environment of education though!!

Maybe in the staffrooms eh?

Interesting pics.

I love Threadless though I do not always get all the messages on their shirts. I sometimes put postings of shirts I like on my blog (via their affiliate program). I am glad to see that someone is enjoying their job. Obviousy, you had a fun tour.

This is dope! I hope I can eventually get a job with a fun working environment like this :)

I've always enjoyed your blog Guy from day one! Great photos! The one with you sitting with the red top and the slightly longer hair has a definite '70s look to it! No kidding! You look pretty youthful in it! So, why don't you give us a "Guy Kawasaki's Top Ten Nutrition Tips for Entrepreneurs?"

"I am looking forward to the threadless label coming out with its own tee's, I think they are currently using Gildan™ and the neck stretches out too easy!!!"

actually, we use fruit of the loom for guys and american apparel for girls. gildan makes terrible tees! anyway, check out the threadless site on monday for an announcement about the status of our proprietary brand of tees. :)

Great post Guy! You have to hand it to Skinny Corp those guys have seriously got it figured out...

I am looking forward to the threadless label coming out with its own tee's, I think they are currently using Gildan™ and the neck stretches out too easy!!!

What a fantastic office and what an awesome blog. I will certainly be following.

Mark Bowness

The lack of computers and all the time spent on graffiti could explain why they never reply to emails about missing orders.

Looks like one of the few places where they can laught at Office Space and not feel bad about it

Great pics, Guy. That looks like the dream place to work at. The only thing that I would think that could be added to their office is a Threadless company logo Wallhog.

-Scott at Wallhogs.com

Thanks for posting your photos.

I vote on the t-shirt submissions
at Threadless' website almost every
day, but I don't get to see much of
what it looks like at headquarters.

Wow - now THAT is a kick butt office! We're from Southern California so all we'd be missing is a skate ramp.

Love the ink work as well. Did they inspire you to get a tattoo, Guy? ;-) A big hockey puck would seem fitting...

One of the most creatively inspirational companies out there.

Pick up a copy of the latest Business 2.0. They feature a three page article on Threadless.

Hey, a husky, I got one too: one of the best dogs!

What's with the caption above the photos?
That is not very useful.

I totally love it.

When I first saw the pictures, it seemed like the design was a very organic thing, not contrived, as some folks thought. The second that someone says "how can we design an office space that attracts Gen Y employees?" they are doomed.

And I agree, the hair makes you look 10 years younger. :)

This is sweet, just like truemors (or maybe the exact opposite).

i don't really want to understand the essance of something so fun from a businuess perspective:) i just want to smile:)

Nice - makes up slightly for the lack of their own pics since the move!

Very nice images... and a nice blog too! Stumble across your blog through googling.

Guy, is that dog real????

Nice pics.

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