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June 15, 2007

Art of Innovation Online Video with PowerPoint Slides

I know that you might be sick of my Art of Innovation speech, but Zentation has created a very good way to view a PowerPoint-based speech that shows both the speaker and the current slide. Here is a sample to show you how it works.


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I invite you to try http://www.vcasmo.com, it provides much better features than zentation

I would have sent my mom as one of your 60 little japanese women protestors outside of yahoo!. great presentation. i am going for it at a new postion in tech marketing at a large company in northern nevada. kampai, dude.

Zentation is slick. I was really taken with the Art of Innovation presentation itself. I'm a newbie to your work and WOW! We are an early stage startup and it was immensely helpful. Also, thanks for your handy list of your books on your blog!

Great speech. Captivating.

Distracting; I can watch you or the slide!

You may say that we may be bored of your "The Art Of Innovation" speech, but its my first time and I'd like to say it was worth my while.



I've been an avid fan of your for years. I really enjoyed this speech.

Over the years I've helped create over 275 products and services for over 120 different companies, including consulting to Apple in 1984/85 and helping automate their Carrolltton, Texas manufacturing plant.

Like you said, the bozos trying to grind you down is one of the biggest challenges of innovation.

People like the status quo, they like being an expert with the systems as they are. Innovation of course is trying to make the status quo obsolete and they will have to start their learning curve all over again.

If you like to learn, you'll love innovation, if you don't you'll become one of the bozos.

Great art of presentation!


you should make more innovation in such field

i advise u to change the style to make attract

more eyes

and u'd better take more attention to the


maple story powerleveling

Hi Guy,

We can't get sick watching " The Art Of Innovation " again and again : it's one of the most entertaining speech of all times, together with Dave Letterman' s monologue on President Bush's encounter with a bretzel.

Seriously speaking, shall you look for a Stand-In guy in Europe, I'm your man, Guy.


I love your Art of Innovation speech and will never tire of listening to it - no matter what format it's in! :) Zentation presentation is interesting. Great idea for bringing a new dimension to presentations.

yes Art of Innovation speech.it
make me got idea about presentating and speaking.

Hi Volker,

Microsoft Producer is a good tool, however, Zentation has a number of advantages...

1. Zentation provides one place to synchronize the presentation and host it. With Producer and other solutions, it requires you to use the software to create a presentation and then you need to publish those files to a webserver. For many that are less tech-savy, that can be complicated. Or it may require them to interface with their IT department.

2. Zentation takes advantage of the capabilities of Google Video for video streaming. With Producer, you need to host your video and pay for the bandwidth required.

3. Any changes you make to slide descriptions or slide timings are ready immediately. With Producer, you generally need to re-render the presentation and then re-post it to your webserver which can take time.

4. There is no software to learn and install.

5. Zentation's player provides a way to embed a presentation into an existing site or blog.


Guy, thanks for your "The Art Of Innovation" but how is this way of presenting the content offline different from what everybody can do for ages with PowerPoint and Producer for PowerPoint (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=1B3C76D5-FC75-4F99-94BC-784919468E73&displaylang=en) other than being Flash based?

Guy ...

1. "Ditto" to the first post.
2. What kind of remote are you using in the speech?
3. PowerPoint or Keynote?



Just fixed. Thanks! I use a LogiTech wireless remote, but I can't remember if that's what I was using in this speech. PowerPoint.



Hi Guy,

There's something wrong with the first link Art of Innovation.



Thanks, just fixed it.


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