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June 19, 2007

Marc Andreessen on Facebook Platform

Facebook Developers.jpg

I am three weeks behind the times, so I’m just catching on to how cool the Facebook Platform is. Then I read “Analyzing the Facebook Platform, three weeks in” by Marc Andreessen. It’s a must read for any social-networking entrepreneur. Facebook Platform is almost as exciting as developing Safari apps for the iPhone. :-)


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Yes, the kid who turned down a $1 billion buyout offer (http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/115/open_features-hacker-dropout-ceo.html) is getting on the API widget bandwagon. I'm not sure how it benefits the third party developer, other than getting a culture of cool status. But developing little aps sure has been popular for the iGoogle page.

I have reservations about using the facebook API to make anything because the terms seem to give me little reason to do it. (http://www.vecosys.com/2007/05/28/working-with-facebook-f8-you-are-not-in-control-of-your-access/).
I favor transparency & third-party development access, but not when it is so limited it benefits only the main platform and leaves next to nothing for the third-party. (http://www.leahculver.com/2007/06/19/widgets-suck/)

If you were a VC & mentor to Facebook, would you have advised them not to sell?

Facebook Platform: Cool.
iPhone App Dev: Very cool.
Facebook App that integrates with the iPhone: Ice rink cool.

I can see it now. Voice-Twitter with a Bluetooth headset: a techie walks down the street, chattering about what he's seeing while a voice-to-text program in his iPhone uploads it to Twitter and it appears on his Mini-feed.

OK, so now how is that person who turned down the Yahoo job gonna fix that? ;-)

(Hint: Start something that gets bigger...)

And can you get me the answer from Marc? It has haunted me lo these 12 years.

I think the post on devshots belongs on Truemors at best. At worst it deserves a SPAM label.

Marc's posts are always interesting aren't they. If I ever get the chance though I want to ask him about the day in 1995 I think it was that Netscape gave up on the search page. I went there and it said - "We give up. Go see Yahoo." Can you imagine doing that today? Oops! That is almost as bad as turning down the job of Yahoo CEO. What idiot did that?


What post on devshots? :-)

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