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July 02, 2007

Evolution of Apple Product Design

appledesign.jpg Check out this chart that traces the evolution of Apple product design from 1976 to 2007. Who would have thunk, huh? Source: Core77 design blog


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Thats amazing how they got so big and popular. Evolving and getting better.

Amazing how simple design has evolved. Apple has the K.I.S.S. method down pat.

Cool poster. Although, I still like my original 1984 Macintosh "hello" poster better. Having worked for an Apple reseller from '84 to '93, I sold and marketed many of the items in the top two rows. I have always been amazed at Apple's ability to build "cool" into their products. For me, it started with seeing the design team's signatures inside the case of the original Mac when I went through service training. Been a Mac fanatic ever since.

The wooden box for the Apple I was a bit unfair, because that wasn't actually a product sold by the company (they just supplied the motherboard - build your case).

However, out of all of them, I've got a feeling it's the one that would fetch the most at auction!


Too cool. I started with a IIE, and the chart lets me spot my lost 15 years or so -- when I was in the pc wilderness -- between my Mac Classic and my current (2005) powerbook.... I also have too many ipods (5 between wife and I) and another little mac book (2003)... fun stuff!

Incredible insight into one of the greatest stories of creativity, innovation and product development...

apple II was my 1st encounter of wonder. It saved me from unix mainframe (write thesis-not the computation). i-Mac saved me from the PC (still love the easy adjustment of the screen angle, height and tilt). What's next? wait for next rabbit from Steve's hat...quantum leap please...(build up very high expectation is bad, I know).

Wow...nice little jaunt, eh? However, there are MANY models missing from this chart... the IIfx, couple of Quadra's, etc...I've had so many of these things, I'm embarrassed to think what kind of school my kids could go to if I had only saved... ;)

Ah well. No need to pick nits. Neat poster.

Thanks for linking to it, Guy.


I started with iPod, Hummm.......lots of ppl like mac things


I've purchased 28 of those products for myself and members of our business. When I got my first Mac in 1986 (Mac Plus), I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was bought with borrowed money from my mother (we had a struggling business we were running out of our home and needed to move up from TRS 80 format). The ability to do literature on the Laserprinter, do CAD drawings, look like a big company with our materials, keep records on Excel, etc., immediately did wonders for our self-confidence and for our bottom line later down the road.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I do not want to share what stage I jumped in. :)


And to think 10 years ago when Apple was at it's weakest (share wise), I did a university case study in business class about their demise! I wish instead I purchase a few thousand of their stock... I would have been half way towards millionaire status by now without doing a darn thing!


I count 7 items there I've owned... still own a few of those. Three that I still do. Plus my wife's Nano... and 6 items on the accessories list. I'm not so sure about a few of those dates.

Evolution, indeed :)

Guy or anyone here who knows for sure: I specifically remember using the PowerMac desktop before 1996 and in fact before 1995. Tell me I'm not experiencing the beginning signs of Alzheimer's...

There is definetly a defining moment when Apple's evolution picked up momentum. Apple has defenitly been a driving force of the way people communicate and interact with each other.

Great chart! It takes me back to the day. My first one was the 1990 Macintosh Classic. My daughters would sit on my lap while I worked. It was unusual for a non-techie gal to have one in her home. (I realize that seriously dates me)

Wow - I never realised Apple released so many products. Which one do you think was the turning point?

Hi Guy,

Thanks for a nice walk down the memory lane. Nice to remind myself of a few of the Apple products that I had (including a fake Apple II (with a whopping 128K V-RAM disk that keeps on hanging) and a real & first 1989 Mac "Portable").

- Kempton

Nice chart, but there's at least 1 line of producst missing. Where's the original LaserWriter or ImageWriters?? Apple did make printers for a time.

I'm not really a cult fan of Apple. In fact, the more hype it gets, the less I like it. Their dseign (and marketing) team is fantastic though, no doubt. What would be so much cooler would be a chart of Apple's designs intermingled with other company's product designs to see how they've evolved just behind them. My Creative Zen M is proof. I don't care that other companies use Apple designs. I'll wait the 6 months to get a pretty product with better features. :)

Beautiful beyond comparison.

Wow! Cool Evolution.

Holy cow, what an evolution!

That's really cool.
I realised that my Apple hiatus lasted 22 years [apple IIe to macbook pro in 2007] and it's good to be back.

Also, I'm quite sure that the date on the eMac is incorrect. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emac

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