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July 09, 2007

Mashup 2007 Conference


On July 16th and 17th my buddy Anastasia Goodstein is running a conference called Mashup 2007. The topic of the conference is marketing technology to teenagers. Here are the agenda and list of speakers (I volunteered, but she said I was too old...).

July 16th and 17th
Hotel Nikko
San Franciso, California

The teenage market is one of the most sought-after right now. (For some insights, here is a panel that I did with some teenagers about a year ago.) If you want to succeed in this market, I suggest that you go to Anastasia’s conference. I'll see you there!


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These days, it seems even an embryo is too old. Geeze.

Teen Targeting, what is in today might be out tomorrow. Teenagers change their style like military men and women change their socks. You never know where and when it is going to change, and I'm sure why it changed is going to be an even bigger mystery. To boast your services to such a market you are required to think like a teenager again. The popularity race, the ability to blend in, but yet stand out. You hear these days, "Being different is being unique." Every city and state has their muse for this market perspective, throw a donut on a plate and leave a trail to the front door of your business.

This day people want their information faster, quicker and right now. Teens are no different, except they want it yesterday.

My marketing concept to target this audience is simple, hire a teenager to do my sales. Word of mouth gets around quicker when they are on spring break, and since sales are up 300% in the past month, I would say it has worked.

Lee Curle
Owner - Custom Car Audio

Thanks for the heads up!

One Man. one Year. $100,000 online.

This lineup of speakers is quite a motivator for me.

I was thinking... All of these guys are in their twenties and doing as well or better than I am. I had better get back to work.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to the conference.

There is something to be said for an "old" guy with "young" thinking, though. When my 2 where teenagers, ours was the hangout house of choice. At age 22 and 24, it still is. Old School & Punk Hardcore music is played in my basement on band practice nights. I love having kids around, tattoos and piercings included. The teen market is a moving target...

If you are interested in changing the world, how about adding the one.org banner to your site and amplify the need to end poverty now...

Guy - I looked at the lineup and OMG (as my daughter would say) I felt so old! And out of touch! And uncool! Don't do this to us... For some of us "mashup" is what you do to food so you can eat it!

Wow. This is quite the line-up. Very cool. For what it's worth, you have my vote to be one of the "wiser" speaker.

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