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July 15, 2007

Three Cool Things...


Just came across three cool projects/sites that I have found very useful:

  1. Snap Shots plugin for Firefox. If you use Firefox, this is an essential plugin. It enables you to place your cursor over a link and see a snapshot of the web page. This used to require that the site implement some Javascript on its server but not anymore. Any site will work if you add this plugin.

  2. 40+ Tips to Improve Your Grammar and Punctuation. “Dumblittleman” went through the trouble of distilling the Online Writing Lab of Purdue University. You see so much crappy writing on the web…don’t we all wish people would know at least these fundamentals?

  3. Marketing Practice is a site dedicated to the analysis of brands in India. The site owner is an associate professor at a business school in India. He has analyzed approximately 250 Indian brands. Check out the “Categories” in his sidebar.

I might make this “cool-stuff week” because cool stuff has been flowing into my inbox lately.


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I think there's a glitch on my end here... I was able to launch Firefox (not before killing it in Task Manager) but I had to run it in safe mode w/addons disabled. I removed Snap Shots and restarted Firefox in normal mode. It worked.

Anyone else have their Firefox running in normal mode w/Snap Shots working just fine? cause' mine is quite the opposite...

I'm having the same problem as, Setya, stated. the moment I installed Snap.com's Firefox addon, it won't launch or anything. I tried to reinstall Firefox, including deleting the Mozilla folder for a thorough remove. I had it (ver.2005) reinstalled and I'm still experiencing trouble launching it.

Though the browser is active in Task Manager's processes, but isn't visible on screen.

Anyone could help me on this?

It is amazing to see how fewer people appear fascinated with grammar than with Snapshots! Is it any wonder that the state of usage is what it is?

Some marketers think bad usage is ok and content is all that matters. Call me old-fashioned, but that IS a whole load of equine excreta.

Snap Shot is OK, but I really like Cool Iris Previews. Because it puts up a box that you need to roll into before you get the plug in, you don't get annoying boxes popping up all the time. Great post on Grammar, also. I can't stand the butchering of the English language that so often passes for writing on the web these days. Great blog, Guy!

I've never really been big on the Snap Shots thing. I don't think that their previews give enough insight as to what the linked site contains.

Great advice, Guy, especially appreciate the b-school professor's blog. Too often these days our b-school professors aren't getting the respect they are due. \o/\o/

check out this for cool stuff, leaves apple 'core image' stuff in the dust:


Thanks for the post! Reminds me to bring back Snap Shots to my new blog. Just done and it work perfectly!

on 40+ tips: thanks an "Elements of Style" 2.0 good idea---pk

"Snap does advertise on this site, but I have no business relationship with them other than that. I didn't even know about the SimplyHired relatationship."

I stand corrected. I still HATE this kind of advertising - it completely destroys the readers' trust model by merging advertising with editorial.

However, some readers seem to like it. By making it a plug-in instead of a javascript load it is opt-IN advertising instead of very difficult to opt-OUT advertising (I installed the adblock plug-inst specifically to block snap, intellitxt and other in-context javascript popup servers) which is a HUGE difference and improvement.

Thanks for the link to Harish blog, his blog looks informative and insightful... I like your blog with snapshot feature, I've planned to add this to my blogs too, after seeing yours...
Conservatories Norfolk

17 comments about some internet plugin and one comment about grammar. Just saying.

just what I need. (the item 2 the most;-)... thanks.

This is for sure three cool things that I like. Especially the "dumb little man :-)" Snap I use already and like it! Hope my users do as well? Thank you Gay for good stuff!

Because of my Catholic grade school education 40 plus years ago, correct grammar is en-grained in my cranium. We learned by diagramming sentences, which helped us understand sentence structure. The link here, however, was a good refresher.

I think that the snap shots just entangle, is very complicated to surf on the blog with that

I installed this plugin and now FireFox won't launch, no matter what. Fairly annoyed at the moment. Anyone have this issue?

Snap Shots is amazing. I've tried it an love it.

You just "came across" the snap.com plugin? That's interesting considering that snap.com has a relationship with one of the companies that you've invested in - simplyhired.com

I'd imagine with some more digging, we'd see that the zeibatsu ties between you and snap.com are closer than that.

I don't mind you pimping for an investment - even if it's one as annoying as this new-age pop-up advertising crap, but shouldn't you be more honest about the relationship?


Snap does advertise on this site, but I have no business relationship with them other than that. I didn't even know about the SimplyHired relatationship. And its Firefox plugin is only been available for about a week.


Snapshot Preview is one of the most annoying things I've ever seen when surfing the internet.

I have been using Cooliris too. Its awesome and feel a bit lighter than Snapshot (I could be wrong here).
But I really liked the blog on Indian brands.

it's extremely irritating to have snapshots popping up every time I accidentally roll over links. I'm confident that two years from now we will be looking at it the same way we look at blinking text now.

Personally, I really don't like the snap plugin. Perhaps I'm just being old fashioned, but it kinda bothers me when I'm browsing.

I tend to prefer opening links in a new tab and checking them out when I'm finished reading the current page.

I suppose a lot of it comes down to personal preference though. Can any of you guys actually get any meaningful info out of that tiny box?

- Mason

Any tips on getting bloggers to talk about charity more?

Very useful.
Thank you and greetings from Berlin, Germany..

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