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August 31, 2007

Facebook Friday: Trend Hunter


Trend Hunter is Facebook app from Trend Hunter magazine. It displays the “finds” of a community dedicated to spotting new trends and cool stuff. The app enables you to feature galleries of the latest trends or focus on your favorite category including: Technology Trends, Style & Fashion Trends, The Environment, Business & Marketing or Art & Design. You can customize the number of links and whether you want to display links, article summaries or galleries. You can download it here.


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Hey, thanks for bringing this one up. I'm been looking for ways to find growing trends, so I can see if I can exploit it for some money... I mean create value for society.

P.S. Thanks for the signed copy of the book. It's great :)

Hey Guy! Thanks for the plug!

@ Trend Hunter

Hi Guy,

I liked the application. I just added. Thanks for sharing.

Mario Ruiz
@ http://www.oursheet.com

What is your take on companies like Facebook exposing an API to their website? Do you these attempts of spreading the company name pay off in terms of free advertisement?

Best Regards,
Richard L. Burton III

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