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August 31, 2007

The Best of "You Know You're Old When:"


Yesterday I posted a story called “You know You’re Old When:” People submitted over one hundred suggestions—many are obsoletely hilarious. Here is an audio recording of my favorites brought to you by the HP iPaq 510 cell phone. Enjoy the weekend!


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Nice postings and my fav is 'You know you are old when'........

I like the variety of your posts.
Well done.
Please keep doing as you are with variety and frequent innovations.

wow Chuck. I'm 28 and I doubt I could maintain that schedule. You can't forget the utmost important item in aging. Taking care of your mental health. Its amazing what people can achieve when they put faith in their minds as well as their souls.

I can't move mountains with my mind, but I can sure find a way to remove them!

Best Regards, Richard L. Burton III

Happy belated birthday Guy! I have a different suggestion. How about thinking younger instead of older? I'm 49, a very recent empty nester, and am feeling as young as ever. I strongly recommend the Younger next Year books by Chris Crowley and Harry Lodge. I summarized their ideas in my blog last spring (see the url I provided). The basic premise is that a huge percentage of the aging disease and disability suffered as we age is avoidable by following seven simple rules:
Harry’s Rules
1. Exercise six days a week for the rest of your life.
2. Do serious aerobic exercise four days a week for the rest of your life
3. Do serious strength training, with weights, two days a week for the rest of your life.
4. Spend less than you make.
5. Quit eating crap.
6. Care.
7. Connect and commit.
I know you’ve already got the Care, Connecting & Committing down, and hockey is great exercise, so you should be well on your way!
As a dramatic example of what can be accomplished by following these rules, Chris Crowley, who is currently in his 70's and was at one time, an over-weight, out-of-shape retired NYC attorney, recently completed a century ride through the Rocky Mountains (a blazing 102 miles, including one 9,500 ft. pass) at an average speed of 14.9 miles an hour, versus 14.8 for a roughly comparable century he rode three years ago. Go for it!

You Know You're Old, when you're too old to remember ...

Mr. Kawasaki,

You know when you're old, when a 28 year software engineer looks up to you with admiration.

Reading your book and learning about your history is very motivating.

Keep up the excellent work! I keep your book directly next to the GOF "Design Patterns" book. If you speak to any Engineer, they'll tell you that's a great honor.

Best regards,
Richard L. Burton III

Promises are not just words. They're actions. -Richard Burton

Thanks for the mention in the broadcast, but it is definitely not my poetry. I credited Little Feat in my post (It's from the tune "Old Folks Boogie")

You know you're REALLY old when you can remember when Dennis Miller was funny.


I am in the midst of writing a ChangeThis Manifesto titled “Why Most Leadership Sucks, Including Yours...”.

While I have some definite opinions on why this is the case, I know that not everyone thinks the same way I do. So, I am trying to develop a more-complete and balanced understanding of what other people think.

What are your thoughts?

Take care...


you know you're old when chips take twice as much time to munch.


Just to add a twist to your first comment on the voice post which said something like "You know you are old if you start worrying about the next day morning" ... i would rather put it as "You know you are old if you start worrying early in the morning about the night that day

The only time I feel old is when I have to scroll so far down the page to find my year of birth (1945) when filling out something on the web.

Also I cannot shoot in hockey like I used to, or thought that I used to. The skating is still there relative to the other old-timers.

Young blondes do not make me feel old, they make me feel young!

How about this one? You know you're old when you have a lot of books that were published without an ISBN.

Guy, thanks for the compliment, thinking that "Steve" could have been Steve Wozniak or Steve Jobs... It was just plain old Steve Melee, blogging for fun and personal expression in eastern Canada. I'm a smartass to the core and couldn't resist adding my two cents. I'm glad you and your readers/listeners enjoyed.

You know you're old when you start whining about funny contributions.
Great Guy, especially the last one!

Btw: will you attend http://www.forrester.com/events/eventdetail?eventID=1856
in Barcelona too?

Guy, off the topic. I have picked you for the Blog Day 2007!


Harrison, what's your problem? Take it easy :)

Guy, that was really fun. Thanks!

Note for Jon: You are absolutely right - making people laugh is definitely making meaning. However, I do not suspect that Guy intends to change the world singlehandedly, so *perhaps* he should try teaching others how to change the world. On the other hand, perhaps the blog should be renamed to "How Guy Kawasaki is Changing the World".

Please stop with the recordings. If I want to listen to it I'll fire up iTunes. I hit a blog on my browser (Mac, PC or phone) to read. Don't make us have to put on headphones to not bother those around us just because you're enamored with the latest widget.

The "audio blog" gets a big vote of NO.



Do you understand what the words "sponsored by" mean?


Michael, get a Mac and the f-bomb won't fly as often.

I couldn't read them because you have 12 fucking different sites trying to run javascript on my browser. And even with the main site being temporarily allowed your fucking article wouldn't come up on the fucking screen.

Hysterical! I agree with your choice of winner. I think I'll go share that one with my wife.

You know you're old when you hear one of the funniest things to ever be posted on a blog, and you grump out because it isn't 100% consistent with the blogs stated purpose.

Note for RighteousRaven: "Make Meaning" (from Guy's book, "The Art of the Start") also includes helping people by providing one heck-of-a chuckle, which neuropsychologists reveal to be one of the healthiest activities occurring in the human brain.

It "Changed My World" for the better for several minutes. I'll join a fanclub of anyone that can make me laugh as hard as I did listening to the last bit of that clip! My wife and I were in tears and the worst of it is... we're in our late thirties and we could relate.

You know you're old when start paying to play sports like football, basketball etc.

i agree with you.

you know you are old when you are sponsored by HP ;-)

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