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August 04, 2007

Top Ten Truemors of the Week


This is the week's top ten truemors--sponsored by the HP iPaq 510 cell phone.


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Hi Guy Kawaasaki!!!,Trackback from wedoit4you.com on Top Ten Truemors of the Week at http://www.wedoit4you.com/archive/2007/08/04 [Read More]


The podcast adds value to the site, and just provided me with a nice, 2 minute break from the work day. The Top 10 feature is cool, and helps to clarify my understanding of just what Truemors really is; my take on the run-time text report is that the service needs AI to be effective; "KI" is even better.

Thanks, again. Keep it coming.

The content is good, but the voice over is boring.

I also agree with the earlier comment that ads are mixed with postings, don't know where to click. (Maybe that's the trick of advertisers, so we click on the ads by mistake) :))

Sorry Guy but to many clicks, gonna move on. Kind of like to many words or two many slides in a Power Point. Don't have the time. Seems you have taught me well "if you can't say it in 10 slides don't present it to the investors". You seem to be violating your own rules with emails and sites.


Too many clicks to do what? You click once on the Play arrow, and you listen. Not sure what you're referring to.


I like it!
Have you seen the Truemors app for Facebook? http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=2423051475&ref=mf

I've read this blog from the start and now you're losing me Guy.

It seems that the blog has become too commercial that readers are getting irritated. I think the best indication is when people confuse content for ads and vice versa.

And there is how good content is completely replaced by ads :(




"Hey, how do you turn this thing off?"

Which is it? The audio (which I don't want to listen to, since reading is faster) or the list underneath an ad? (This is labelled "Grazr | Truemors" and includes "Top Truemors of the Week" so it's probably not the top 10.) I think this is pretty confusing.

Hi Guy,
This is indeed good stuff. The audio part did not come through Google Reader (I think that the strip out some flash embedding and keep others).

I like this little format of these top Truemors, good stuff.

This is an example of "micromedia"


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