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October 03, 2007

Website Grader


I love this kind of stuff: Website Grader. You submit an URL, and the test grades how effective the site is in terms of search engine optimization. This blog got a score of 99%! Admittedly, I don’t know a thing about SEO; in fact my SEO strategy is: “Create as good content as you can and assume that Google finds it.” The fact that my blog did so well is entirely because of Neil Patel.


Please help me...

1. Can Google recommended companies that offer to make my site Google-friendly?
2. How to Choose a SEO Search Engine Optimization Company for Best Results at Search Engines?

Best Results

I can't believe you stripped your content out of your rss feed. now what, you expect me to be connected to the internet when I have the time to read your blog!


thank u text for
ı tools archive add

I am finding this tool very helpful.

-I have used it as a tool in teaching someone about blogging.
-I have learned a great deal about my own blog.
-I could analyze competitors. If it is close competition, I may find this particularly helpful in my own blogging strategy.

It is very important to know the strengths and weaknesses of one's own blog. I was pleased with most of what I found out about my weblog via this Grader.

Thank you.

I highly recommend this tool. The feedback from it is making me reconsidering my host (Yahoo!); because I can't fix what I need to fix for a strong SEO strategy.

Excellence + coolness has never been so useful!

Thanks Guy, Mike and Dharmesh.


I love this tool. Will recommend it to anyone who is interested in SEO and greater web site visibility.

I think it's pretty neat from a basic SEO perspective but I was really expecting a 'Grade' (F-A) and from the looks of it we scored a D.


PS: I would love to hear Neil's take!

Good content is the best long-term SEO strategy.

Guy (& Dharmesh!):

webgrader.com is a great tool, and the price is right. I too, love these sort of applications. Another great free resource is www.quantcast.com

Dharmesh, great tool. Do you foresee one day where SEO could truly be automated or is it too dynamic to automate the entire process.

Website Grader is a neat tool, and it is great to see information in a source like this about the importance of being aware of Search Engine Optimization on your site. Just be aware that an automated tool like this can only give you a snapshot to start your real research on. If you really want to do well in the search engines, there's a lot more to it than an arbitrary automated score can really tell you. Get a book on how to do it right, or hire a pro. SEO for Dummies is actually an excellent place to start.

Sounded cool, but I can't get it to work, either, and I've tried twice. Oh, well...

Thank you Guy! It's a great tool :)

Nice Post..Indeed a useful SEO equipment. I think this is the most simple tool and its free .


@ Guy - multiple copies hanging around ;)

Indeed a useful SEO tool. I think this is probably the best and most simple and straightforward tool and its free to top it all. Great work by website grader team. Congrats Dharmesh.

Guy...great site. Yesterday I looked at another site that is involved in SEO

Thanks for the writeup Guy! We're big fans and have the Art of the Start kicking around on our desks.

FYI to those making comments, the site should be OK now, and yes, the email field is optional so if you don't enter it, you still get a report - it will be displayed in the browser.


Glad to help. Your PR person from the agency deserves the credit for pitching me. Also, you have ONE copy kicking around or multiple ones? :-)


Guy.... you have the best attitude EVER in regards to SEO... build/create fantastic, relevant shittake and Google will find it. That just rocks. I love it. Thanks for putting it so simply and eloquently.

I'm the developer/inventor of WebsiteGrader.com

Guy: Thanks for the mention. Much appreciated!

Also, for those that are confused by the email address box: It is indeed optional. We have it there because often, the report takes a while to generate and some browsers may time-out. We do send a link out when the report is complete.

In any case, will work on making the "optionality" of the email address more obvious. We've been working hard on adding features and have neglected this part of the app.

Thanks in advance to everyone trying out the app. If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to email me using the email address on this comment (dshah [at] websitegrader.com).

Dharmesh Shah

Finally got my report for www.exchange3d.com. It did not send me the report, nor it displayed it to me until I registered.

My email didn't come either - is this the real deal ? Or maybe it doesn't work for Firefox ? It is a cool idea though.

Very cool.

What a great idea! Its not working for me either- probably just too busy. I'll check back tomorrow.

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