Christmas Gift Idea

Thankfully, Craig M. and Carla D. pointed out Kiva gift certificates. Your recipient can go online and select an entrepreneur to support. When the loan is repaid, the process starts again. What a great idea for Christmas gifts.

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The Mother of Name Change Reports

Continuing on the theme of naming companies, you should read “Company Naming Changes 2006” by Strategic Name Development. 1,900 name changes occurred last year. The company has identified nine categories of name changes: Dog Eat Dog (34%) Too Big or Too Little (29%) Build on the Brand (Building on a Strong Brand) (5%)

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The Six Lessons of Kiva

Stanford Magazine has a terrific article about Kiva called “Small Change, Big Payoff” by Cynthia Haven. This is the story of how Matt and Jessica Jackely Flannery created it to enable people to make micro loans to entrepreneurs around the world. The results are awesome: more than 123,000 people have loaned more than $12.4 million [...]

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How to Name a Name

I enjoy the process of coming up with a name for a company or product, and the fact that so many domains are taken makes it more challenging and enjoyable. (My latest, greatest is Muchobene.) Halfagain Marketing posted an article called “What’s my name?” which is a very useful list of naming tips. For example, [...]

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23andme Party

After a very short while, hearing about the nth social-media, video-sharing, or user-generated-content startup gets boring. After all, you can only listen to so many “unique” ideas if you know what I mean. Luckily, once a year or so, I hear about a company that is truly different, and tonight I attended the friends and [...]

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Amazon Announced Kindle

Today Amazon announced its foray into selling hardware with a data service. The device is called “Kindle,” and it represents a daring move for an “online bookstore.” You’re going to see two kinds of reviews: bad ones from people who haven’t used it and good ones from people who have. It’s that kind of product—plus [...]

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In Search of Inexperience

TechCrunch published a great guest post by Glenn Kelman, the CEO of Redfin, called “Entrepreneur 2.0.” It inspired me to piggyback on his idea that investing in “serial entrepeneurs” who have already been successful might not be all that it’s cracked up to be and write this post. Both our posts run counter to the [...]

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The Ten Commandments of Fake Steve Jobs

All hail Carleen Hawn because she has written a fabulously funny analysis of the management style of (Fake) Steve Jobs. It’s called the “Ten Commandments of Fake Steve Jobs” Never let people know where they stand. You don’t have to hire the best people. Only promote stupid people. Never tell people what is expected of [...]

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Two Free Conferences: Fake Steve Jobs and Personal Branding

My interview of Fake Steve Jobs, sponsored by LinkedIn, is tomorrow at 6:00 pm Pacific. If you want to attend in person, click here to register. UStream will also stream it live if can't attend in person. You can click here or return to this posting to watch this embedded player. Also, on November 8th [...]

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