The Art of Sucking Up

There is an art to sucking up. Done too blatantly it will backfire. Done too weakly, you won't get what you want. The perfect suck up contains the following elements: Credibility. No matter how good you suck up, if you don't meet the requirements for placement, a job, an interview, whatever, it won't matter, so [...]

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Winner of the Stanford E-Week Challenge This is a video of the winner of Stanford's Entrepreneurship Week innovation tournament. The challenge for the tournament was to use an everyday object to create as much value as possible. The "RubberBandTogether" team's goal is to sell the ball and donate the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Cost? $1/band [...]

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Kirtsy: “Digg for Chicks”

I love Kirtsy. You can think of it as "Digg for chicks" (in the words of QueenofSpain), and it features the user-selected stories in topic such as Arts & Entertainment, Design & Crafts, Family & Parenting, and Food & Home. Today, for example, it pointed to a story about Chloe Marshall, a size sixteen girl [...]

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When Irish Guys Are Smiling

I went to Dublin to speak for the Irish Software Association on the campus of the University College Dublin. The event drew several hundred of the top software executives in Ireland. I wasn't prepared for the extensive use of green in the country. Here is an example. The technology in Irish bathrooms is impressive. Here [...]

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Announcing (Formally) Alltop

"Alltop is deceptively simple. The site gathers up the best suggestions from the most active social web users and compiles links into a simple, clean discovery space. For many, Alltop will replace their RSS readers." Chris Shipley, the chairman of Guidewire Group and executive producer of DEMO. Today we are opening Alltop, a news aggregation [...]

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The Myth of A Listers and Influencers

Continuing on the theme of Duncan Watts and the demise of influencers and A listers, CNET Networks conducted a three-part study called "The Influencer Study from CNET Networks: Challenging Perceptions." It explored the structure of social networks, the motivations for giving advice, and methods of acquiring information. The results challenge three commonly-held perceptions: "The Few [...]

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Mano-a-Mano with Steve Ballmer

In one of the more unusual appearances that I've been a part of, here is a "fireside chat" with Steve Ballmer at Mix 2008. (He sidestepped by question about Vista twice, so if you want the latest news about Windows, you'll have to go here.) Incidentally, he tossed my Air on the (carpeted) ground! It's [...]

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A Lot to Learn from Start Cooking

If you'd like to see a site that uses "video" very well, check out Start Cooking. It animates still shots in a highly effective way. I can't think of a site that shows how to do stuff with "multimedia" better than this one. There's one more thing to really like about this site too: It's [...]

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The Art of the Perfect Pint Pour

You learn something new everyday. For example, I visited the St. James Gate Brewery of Guinness the other day in Dublin, Ireland and learned how to properly pour a point of Guinness. This is where the real production happens. This facility brews roughly three million pints per day. The tourist part of the facility is [...]

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Green Building at Stanford Just As Smart As People It Houses

Stanford University is full of smart people, and now it has a smart building too thanks to Jerry Yang, the co-founder of Yahoo!, and his wife Akiko Yamazaki The building is called Yang and Yamazaki Environment and Energy Building (Y2E2). The size of the building is 166,000 square feet, and it cost approximately $470/square foot. [...]

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