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October 28, 2009

Current Twitter Demo Script

This is the set of links that I used to demo Twitter by going down through this list to show why Twitter is such a valuable marketing tool.


  • Home page

  • Profile page

  • Monitor

  • Search

  • Guy Kawasaki or Alltop

  • Starbucks VIA introduction

  • Search for “Prius” or “Civic”

  • Sell

  • Dell Outlet

  • Kogi BBQ

  • Support

  • Comcast Cares

  • Engage

  • JetBlue

  • Virgin America

  • Fandango

  • Prospect

  • Camaro

  • Camaro near Palo Alto

  • Advanced searches

  • Surfing or skateboarding (shows how to eliminate extraneous results such as “surfing the web”

  • How I Tweet

    - Find

  • Alltop

  • MyAlltop helped me find this.

  • StumbleUpon, specifically toolbar

  • SmartBrief

  • - Write

  • BBEdit

  • - Tweet

  • Objective Marketer

  • Campaigns

  • Button and Frames

  • Automatic, tweets: Holy Kaw campaign

  • Case Study: Fandango

  • @Fandango

  • Monitor Roger Ebert or grab his RSS feed

  • Monitor Movies.alltop or grab its RSS feed

  • Stick RSS feeds into Objective Marketer

  • Tools

  • One Forty Twitter app store (disclosure: advisor)

  • Tweetdeck for Mac or PC

  • Tweetie for iPhone

  • Adjix for shortening, repeating, and scheduling.

  • SocialToo for auto-following and spam killing.

  • Tweetmeme to build traffic (disclosure: advisor)

  • Twitterfeed to insert RSS feeds

  • Twitterhawk for automatic tweeting based on keyword searches

  • CoTweet for a “CRM” approach (disclosure: advisor)

  • Objective Marketer for tweeting (disclosure: advisor)

  • Best Practices

  • Always be linking—“inform.”

  • Always be responding.

  • Always be getting retweeted.

  • Dogmas to Ignore

  • You should “me-form.” You can but only if you’re Lance Armstrong.

  • You should not repeat tweets. You shouldn’t if they’re boring, and you have only 100 followers. You can if they’re not, and you have thousands of followers.

  • You should not automate tweeting with feeds. You shouldn’t if you don’t want to have a life, but you can if you do.

  • You should not use ghosts. You don’t need ghosts if you’re omniscient, but more smart people looking for good links is always better.

  • You should make everyone happy. If you’re not pissing someone off on Twitter, you’re not using it right.

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